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Agneepath (2012)

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Yere yere pausa, tula deto paisa ... paisa saala khota, paus aala motha
Oh rain do come, I'll give you money ... the money was bloody fake, and the rain came fast
# 2
Tum kya leke aaye the ... aur kya leke jaoge
What did you bring ... and what will you take and go
# 3
Lambe khel mein chote mohron ki zaroorat nahi hoti
In a long game small pawns are not needed
# 4
Daru peena buri baat hai ... peeke bottal ko mauke padh chhod dena ... aur buri baat hai
Drinking alcohol is bad ... but leaving the bottle on the spot after drinking ... is even worse
# 5
Na moh, na maya, na mamta ka bandhan ... bus anand hi anand
I don't have endearment, illusion and affection ... I only have happiness
# 6
Aaj ke jeevan ka doosra naam hai ... rokda, paisa, maal
The other name for today's life is ... cash, money, wealth
# 7
Jis din police ki vardi ka saath pakda ... us din darr ka saath chod diya
The day I took company of the police uniform ... the same day I left the company of fear
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