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Release Year - 1975
# 1
Zindagi mein sirf khushiya baanti jaati hai ... gham ka bhoj har insaan ko akele hi dhona padta hai
In life you can only distribute happiness ... every person has to carry the weight of sorrow by themselves
# 2
Joh log talwar ke zor par zinda rehte hai ... ek din unki gardan uss hi talwar se katti hai
People who live on the strength of the sword ... one day the same sword will cut their neck
# 3
Chori chahe ek paise ki ho yah lakh rupaiye ki ... chori, chori hai
It does not matter if the robbery is for a paisa or lakh rupees ... a robbery, is a robbery
# 4
Main roz kanoon banata hoon aur roz todhta hoon
I make the law everyday and break it everyday
# 5
Inteqaam ek aaisi sharaab hai ... yeh jitni purani hogi iska nasha utna hi tezz hoga
Revenge is such an alcohol ... the more older it is, the more its intoxication will be
# 6
Bhaagne ka naam jawani ... aur tham gayi toh thehra pani
Running is called youth ... and if you stop then it is called standing water
# 7
Kanoon, kanoon, kanoon ... kaunsa kanoon ... main apne liye khud kanoon hoon
Law, law, law ... which law ... I am the law for myself
# 8
Is trigger ke har tick ke saath tere chehre pe maut ka naksha ubrega ... lekin maut is revolver ke kis ghar mein hai ... yeh sirf maut ka farishta jaanta hai
With every click of this trigger there will be a map of death created on your face ... but in which house of this revolver death is ... only the angel of death knows that
# 9
Maut hi ek aaisi sachchai hai joh atal hai ... jisse koi bhaag nahi sakta
Death is one truth which is firm ... no one can run away from it
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