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Release Year - 1972
# 1
Kisi badi khushi ke intezaar mein ... hum yeh chote chote khushiyon ke mauke kho dete hain
In waiting for a big happy moment ... we miss these small small happy moments
# 2
It is so simple to be happy ... but it is so difficult to be simple
It is so simple to be happy ... but it is so difficult to be simple
# 3
Is duniya mein jab tak bhalai rupai aur paison se na tauli jaye ... woh bhalai nahin kehlati
In this world until a good deed is not weighed against money ... that good deed is not called a good deed
# 4
Log zindagi ka sabse chota, sabse keemti labz bhool gaye hain ... pyar
People have forgotten the smallest and the most precious word of life ... love
# 5
Jisme insaan ki bhalai ho woh kaam kabhi bura nahin hota
A task which is good for the human can never be bad
# 6
Khushi ke gaane toh bilkul phuljadiyon ki tarah hai ... jalte hai aur bhuj jaate hai ... lekin udasi agarbatti ki tarah jalti hai der tak ... aur bhujne ke baad bhi mehakti rehti hai
Songs of happiness are just like sparklers ... they burn and finish off quickly ... but sadness burns long like a incense stick ... and even after going off their fragrance still exists
# 7
Raja ki puja sirf uske desh mein hoti hai ... aur vidhvan ki puja puri duniya mein hoti hai
A king is worshipped only in his country ... and a scholar is worshipped in the whole world
# 8
Katega bhunega toh alu ... isse main khaon ya bhalu
The potato will be cut and cooked ... whether I eat it or a bear
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