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Feroz Khan

# 1
Zindagi mein sirf khushiya baanti jaati hai ... gham ka bhoj har insaan ko akele hi dhona padta hai
In life you can only distribute happiness ... every person has to carry the weight of sorrow by themselves
# 2
Agar tumhari maut mera sivah kisi aur ke haath hui ... toh mujhe behad afsoos hoga
If someone else kills you ... then I will repent a lot
# 3
Joh log talwar ke zor par zinda rehte hai ... ek din unki gardan uss hi talwar se katti hai
People who live on the strength of the sword ... one day the same sword will cut their neck
# 4
Amir se amir aadmi kabhi kabhi itna gareeb ho jaata hai ... ki uske paas paise ke sivah kuch nahi hota
Even the richest person sometimes becomes so poor ... that other than money he has nothing
# 5
Burai kitni bhi badhi kyun na ho ... achchai ke samne bahut choti lagti hai
No matter how big evil gets ... it still looks very small in front of goodness
# 6
Mohabbat mein pehle dil haara jaata hai ... wohi mohabbat ki jeet hai
In love you first lose your heart ... and that is the victory in love
# 7
Nasha toh ab utrega ... dosti ka, pyar ka, insaaniyat ka
Now the intoxication will come down ... of friendship, of love, of humanity
# 8
Choti machliyan badi machliyon ko dhamki kabhi nahi deti
Small fishes never threaten big fishes
# 9
Chori chahe ek paise ki ho yah lakh rupaiye ki ... chori, chori hai
It does not matter if the robbery is for a paisa or lakh rupees ... a robbery, is a robbery
# 10
Dil ke kuch taar aaise hote hai jinse woh khabaren bhi mil jaati hai ... joh bheji nahi jaati
Some connections of heart are such that they give out the news ... which is not even sent out
# 11
Imaan ki bhi keemat hoti hai ... sirf maut rishwat nahi leti ... is liye ke kafan mein jeb nahi hote hai
Even honesty has a price ... only death doesn't take bribe ... because there are no pockets in a shroud
# 12
Jab zakhm, zakhm ke samne mooh kholta hai ... toh bharne lagta hai
When a wound opens its mouth in front of a wound ... then it starts to heal
# 13
Meri nazroon mein jis aadmi ki jitni keemat hoti hai ... main uske saath utni hi sharat lagata hoon
Whatever is a persons value in my eyes ... I place a bet with that person for that amount only
# 14
Nagin dushman ko maarne ke liye kabhi kabhi insaan ka roop dharan kar leti hai ... lekin tumhare jaisa insaan ki shakal mein naag aaj tak pehda nahi hua
Sometimes a snake lady takes the appearance of a human to kill her enemies ... but a person in the face of a snake like you has never been born till today
# 15
Inteqaam ek aaisi sharaab hai ... yeh jitni purani hogi iska nasha utna hi tezz hoga
Revenge is such an alcohol ... the more older it is, the more its intoxication will be
# 16
Zinda dilon ki hai yahan zindagi ... murda dil khaak jiya karte hai
Life is meant to be for the brave ones ... since passionlessness hardly enjoy life
# 17
Ek baar marna hamesha aasaan hota hai ... lekin woh kambakht cheez jisse zindagi kehte hai ... uske liye kadam kadam pe marna padta hai
It's always easy to die once ... but the bloody thing that we call life ... for that one has to die on every step
# 18
Jis bhagwan ko tu maanta hai ... uske saamne aaj aakhri baar apne haath uthakar dua maangle ... kyun ki aaj ke baad tere haath kabhi nahin uthenge
The God that you believe in ... today for the last time raise your hands and pray to him ... because after today your hands will never rise
# 19
Is trigger ke har tick ke saath tere chehre pe maut ka naksha ubrega ... lekin maut is revolver ke kis ghar mein hai ... yeh sirf maut ka farishta jaanta hai
With every click of this trigger there will be a map of death created on your face ... but in which house of this revolver death is ... only the angel of death knows that
# 20
Aurat tawaif vichaaron se banti hai ... peshe se nahi
A woman becomes a prostitute with her thoughts ... not by her occupation
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