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Veere Di Wedding

Release Year - 2018
# 1
Tu na complete package hai ... bahar se sati, andar se slutty
You're a complete package ... from outside you're innocent and from inside you're slutty
# 2
Jitna bhi padh lo graduation, post-graduation ... par jab tak bhen*hod mangalsutra gale mein nahi lagta na ... tab tak life complete nahi hoti
No matter how much you study, graduation or post-graduation ... but until you don't have a wedding necklace in your neck ... till then your life isn't called complete
# 3
Zindagi mein khoob galatiyan karni chahiye aur unki saza bhi paani chahiye ... magar apni, kisi aur ki nahi ... jab tak galatiyan nahi karoge toh apni kahani kaise likhoge
One should make a lot of mistakes in life and one should also get punished for them ... but for your own mistakes, and no one else's ... how will you write your own story if you don't make mistakes
# 4
Jaa apni mummy ke saath ... actually mummy se hi shaadi karle ... bloody mother lover
Go to your mother ... actually get married to your mother itself ... bloody mother lover
# 5
Shaadi apne liye kar rahe hai ya in logon ke liye ... haldi, mehndi, chivda, daal ... what the f*ck is happening yaar
Are we getting married for ourselves or these people ... there's turmeric, henna, snacks, lentils ... what the f*ck is happening my friend
# 6
Guess what an orgasm is called in Hindi ladies ... "charam sukh"
Guess what an orgasm is called in Hindi ladies ... "charam sukh" (ultimate pleasure)
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