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Ek Duuje Ke Liye

Release Year - 1981
# 1
Prem ki raah hoti hi hai aaisi ... raasta jitna lamba hota hai ... rahi utne nasdeek ho jaate hai
The path of love is such that ... the longer the road is ... the closer the travelers get
# 2
Yeh dard nahi zehar hai ... jise main na andhar pee sakta hoon ... na bahar ugal sakta hoon
This is poison and not pain ... which I can't gulp inside ... and neither can I spit it outside
# 3
Hum tum dono jab mil jayenge ... ek naya itihaas banayenge ... aur agar hum na mil paye toh ... toh bhi ek naya itihaas banayenge
When we two meet together ... we will make a new history ... and if we are not able to meet ... then to we will make a new history
# 4
Woh toh aaise chipak gaye hai ... ki agar censor dekhle toh kainchi chala de
They are stuck in such a way ... that if the censor board sees it then they will use the scissors
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