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Sonam Kapoor

# 1
Duniya thookegi mujhpe agar pyar kar liya tujhse ... par dekh, pyar kar hi liya na
The world will spit on me if I fall in love with you ... but see, I did fall in love with you
# 2
Kal tak toh sab theek tha, yeh pyar kaise ho gaya ... kabhi soocha na tha ki aaise hoga, yeh kaise ho gaya
Until yesterday everything was alright, how did this love happen ... I never thought that it would happen this way, how did this happen
# 3
Sacha pyar honthon pe nahi, aankhon mein basta hai ... aur aapke pyar ki sachai aapki aankhen saaf bata rahi hai
True love resides in the eyes and not on the lips ... and your eyes are clearly telling the truth of your love
# 4
Agar yeh hota toh woh nahi hota ... agar woh hota toh yeh nahi hota ... hota toh wohi hai joh hona hota hai
Had this been there, then that wouldn't have happened ... had that been there, then this wouldn't have happened ... ultimately what has to happen, will happen
# 5
Agar aaj jeete na toh hamesha ke liye haar jaoge
If you win today then you'll lose forever
# 6
Aadmi dimaag se budha hota hai ... shareer se nahi
A person grows old from his mind ... not from his body
# 7
True love ke raste mein koi na koi siyappa hota hi hota hai ... agar na ho toh love story mein feel kaise aayegi
There's always some foolishness when it comes to true love ... without it there's no feel in the love story
# 8
Tum ne mujhe zindagi ka sahi rasta dikhaya hai ... galat aur sahi mein fark dikhaya hai ... sehna sikhaya hai, samajhna sikhaya hai, dosti nibhana sikhaya hai ... aur chahna bhi
You've shown me the right path of life ... you've shown me the difference between right and wrong ... you've taught me to bear, to understand, to fulfill friendship ... and to love as well
# 9
Jinke saath mohabbat ka noor hota hai ... unhe koi andhera chuh nahi sakta
Those who have the light of love with them ... no darkness can touch them
# 10
Joh log social nahi hote woh social networking sites pe hote hai
People who are not social are found on social networking sites
# 11
Agar main tumhe kho doongi na ... toh main khud ko kho doongi
If I lose you ... then I will lose myself
# 12
Burgerchaap kahike!
You Mr.Burger!
# 13
Jab tak true love nahi milta na ... humein pata bhi nahi hota ki life mein kya missing hai
Until we find true love ... we don't even come to know what's missing in life
# 14
Jitna bhi padh lo graduation, post-graduation ... par jab tak bhen*hod mangalsutra gale mein nahi lagta na ... tab tak life complete nahi hoti
No matter how much you study, graduation or post-graduation ... but until you don't have a wedding necklace in your neck ... till then your life isn't called complete
# 15
Thoda butter, thoda drama aur thoda tears mix karo ... and papa ki koi bhi na yes ho jaati hai
Mix some butter, drama and tears ... and dad's every no will turn into yes
# 16
Jaa apni mummy ke saath ... actually mummy se hi shaadi karle ... bloody mother lover
Go to your mother ... actually get married to your mother itself ... bloody mother lover
# 17
Asal mein log joh karte hai, woh wohi kar sakte hai ... joh woh ho sakte hai, wohi woh hote hai
In reality what people do, they can only do that ... and what they can become, they are that only
# 18
Apne aap ko achcha samajhna achcha hai ... par sabse achcha samajhna?
It's good to consider yourself good ... but to consider yourself the best?
# 19
Biwiyan toh dono hi lootati hai ... jeevan bhar saath dene waali bhi aur agle din faraar hone waali bhi
Both kinds of wife's cost a lot ... the one who stays together for the entire life and the one who runs away the very next day
# 20
Pyar kisi ke plan karne se nahi hota ... pyar mein koi kisi ke saath zabardasti bhi nahi kar sakta ... pyar toh bas ho jaata hai ... kahin bhi, kabhi bhi aur kisi ke saath bhi
Love doesn't happen with a plan ... and no one can force anything in love ... love just happens by itself ... anywhere, anytime and with anyone
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