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One Night Stand

Release Year - 2016
# 1
Samundar aur aasmaan bhi mil jaate hai hamari tarah ... aur jahan woh milte hai wahan duniya khatam ho jaati hai
Even the ocean and the sky meet just like us ... but where they meet, the world ends there
# 2
Tum jaisi auratein mard ke bagair reh nahi sakti ... oh sorry in your case mardon ke bagair
Women like you can't live without a man ... oh sorry in your case without men
# 3
Zindagi ka problem yehi hai ... galatiyan pal mein ho jaati hai ... lekin saza badi lambi chalti hai
This is the problem of life ... mistakes happen in a moment ... but their punishment lasts for a long time
# 4
Kehte hai har saat saal mein insaan ke body cells badal jaate hai ... iska matlab insaan poora ka poora naya ho jaata hai ... lekin kabhi kabhi insaan ko badalne mein kuch din hi kaafi hote hai
It's said that the human body cells change every 7 years ... which means that a person changes completely ... but sometimes only a few days are enough for a person to change
# 5
When in Phuket ... just f*ck it
When in Phuket ... just f*ck it
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