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Sanjay Dutt

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# 41
Informers police waale ke teesre kaan hote hai
Informers are the third ear of the police
# 42
Zindagi mein jab sirf ek hi raasta bacha ho ... toh kya galat aur kya sahi ... koi mainey nahi rakhta
In life when there is only one path left ... then what is wrong and what is right ... doesn't matter at all
# 43
Bewajah log kahan marte hai ... yaar hi bewafai karte hai
People don't die without a reason ... it is friends who are unfaithful
# 44
Aye Mamu ... jadoo ki jhappi de daal aur baat khatam
Hey brother ... give a magical hug and end the matter
# 45
Jua khelne ka mazaa tab aata hai ... jab samne waale ka luck mazboot ho
The fun in gambling comes when ... the luck of your opponent is strong
# 46
Time time ki baat hai, kabhi din hai kabhi raat hai ... khatam ho jaye joh coffee ke bina, woh mulaqat koi mulaqat hai
Things change from time to time, it's day at times and it's night at times ... a meeting that ends without coffee, is not a meeting at all
# 47
Jahan dekhi laundiya, nachne laga dandiya
Wherever you see a girl, you start dancing
# 48
Sawaal yeh nahi hai ki bar mein kitni daru hai ... sawaal yeh hai ki tu kitni pee sakta hai
The question is not that how much alcohol is there in the bar ... the question is that how much can you drink
# 49
Main yahan aaya hoon choron ki safai karne ... gundon ki dhulai karne ... aur kanoon ko todhne waalo ki thukai karne
I have come here to cleanup the theives ... to beatup the goons ... and to thrash the people who break the law
# 50
Main wapas zaroor aaonga ... aur uss din aakhri baar teri photo chapegi ... zinda nahi murda
I will definitely comeback ... and that day your picture will be published for the last time ... not as living, but dead
# 51
Agar do logon mein connection ho na, feelings ho na ... toh dil ki awaaz dil se sun sakte hai
If there is connection and feelings between two people ... then their hearts talk to each other
# 52
Ab Gandhiji ko hi le lo ... puri zindagi ahinsa ahinsa ke peeche bhaagte rahe ... aur humne unki photo aaisi cheez par chaap di ... joh hinsa ki sabse badi jhad hai ... paisa
Just take the case of Gandhi ... his whole life he ran behind non-violence ... and we put his picture on such a thing ... which is the biggest cause of violence ... money
# 53
Buddhe ke mooh mein toffee aur mehmaan ke mooh se maafi ... achchi nahi lagti
A toffee in a old mans mouth and sorry from a guests mouth ... don't look good
# 54
Desh toh apna ho gaya hai ... lekin log paraye ho gaye hain
The country has become ours ... but people have become outsiders
# 55
Carrom ramwanu, juice pivanu ... mazza ni life
Play carrom, drink juice ... life is great
# 56
Kya dekh raha hai? ... Rolex hai Rolex ... woh bhi original
What are you seeing? ... it's a Rolex ... and that to original
# 57
Memory aur thukai ka kuch direct connection hai ... yeh baat toh doctor ko batani chahiye ... majho ka majho aur ilaaj ka ilaaj
There is some direct connection between memory and making love ... we should tell this to a doctor ... you get enjoyment along with the treatment
# 58
Jabse is raaste pe kadam rakha hai na ... tabse kafan saath leke ghoomta hoon main
Ever since I have stepped on this path ... since then I am carrying a shroud with me
# 59
Duniya mein log achche ya burre nahi hote ... sirf samajhdaar ya chutiye hote hai
In this world people are not good or bad ... they are either sensible or idiots
# 60
Do-sau-che type ka sirf haddi hai ... todhne ke time apun log sochte they kya
There are 206 types of bones ... while breaking them did we ever think about it
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