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Guest Dialogues

# 1
Kehte hain maut bin bulaye aa jaati hai ... lekin main maut ke samne roz khada ho jaata hoon ... begani shaadi mein Abdullah deewana bankar
It is said that death comes without any invitation ... but I stand in front of death everyday ... just like an uninvited guest in a wedding
# 2
Shukar kar ki tu mehmaan hai is liye bach gaya ... nahi toh laat ghooson ki machine mein dalkar pees-peeskar tera keema bana deta
Be happy that you're a guest and hence I left you alone ... or else I would have put you into a machine of kicks and punches and would have crushed you into shredded meat
# 3
Apne hi desh mein mehmaan bankar koi khush kaise ho sakta hai
How can one be happy by becoming a guest in their own country
# 4
Buddhe ke mooh mein toffee aur mehmaan ke mooh se maafi ... achchi nahi lagti
A toffee in a old mans mouth and sorry from a guests mouth ... don't look good
# 5
Maan na maan ... no mehmaan
Whether you accept it or not ... I want no guests
# 6
Mera kaam tumhe sarkari mehmaan banana hai
My work is to make you a guest of the government
# 7
Dushman chatt ke neeche aa jaye ... toh mehmaan ban jaata hai
When an enemy comes under your roof ... then he becomes a guest
# 8
Abhe shamshaan ke hone waale mehmaan
A you upcoming guest of a mortuary
# 9
India mein guest aur pest aise hi kabhi bhi kahin pe bhi aa jaate hai
In India guest and pest can come anytime and anywhere
# 10
Aapke mehmaan hai toh hum inke kadardaan hai
If he is your guest then I am his appreciator
# 11
Hamare dhande mein dushman khatam nahi hote ... mehmaano ki tarah ek jaata hai toh doosra chala aata hai
Enemies never end in our business ... like guests one goes and another one comes along
# 12
Log kehte hai teen din baad mehmaan shaitan dikhai deta hai
People say that after three days a guest looks like a satan
# 13
Dame ki bimari kuch aaisi hai jaise ghar aaya hua mehmaan ... aaj hai, kal nahi
Asthma is like a guest in the house ... it's there today, but gone tomorrow
# 14
Atithi woh prani hota hai ... jiske na aane ki tithi hoti hai, na jaane ki
A guest is that animal ... who doesn't have a time of coming, and neither of going
# 15
Mehmaan utna hi comfortable feel karenge, jitna hum unhe karvayenge
Guest will feel as comfortable, as we make them
# 16
Mehmaan apni khushi se aate zaroor hai ... lekin jaate ghar waalon ki marzi se hai
Guests can come when they want ... but they can leave only when the people of the house want them to leave
# 17
Yeh mehmaan naamak jeev bahut hi khunkhar hota hai ... khoon choos leta hai
The thing called guest is a ferocious creature ... it sucks blood
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