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Release Year - 2004
# 1
Taqdeer teri chutti pe hai, maut tere sarr pe hai ... lekin baatein aise karta hai, jaise zindagi tere bistar pe hai
Your fate is on vacation, death is on your head ... but you're talking as if, life is on your bed
# 2
Jahan dekhi laundiya, nachne laga dandiya
Wherever you see a girl, you start dancing
# 3
Police asli ho ya nakli ... aati saali hamesha late hi hai
Whether the police is real or fake ... bloody it always comes late
# 4
Sex aur chocolate dono ek hi type ka maza dete hai ... fark sirf itna hai ... ek mein wrapper nikalna padhta hai aur doosre mein aaj kal chadhana padhta hai
Sex and chocolate both give the same kind of pleasure ... the only difference is that ... in one you have to remove the wrapper and in the other nowadays you have to put it on
# 5
Ab Gandhiji ko hi le lo ... puri zindagi ahinsa ahinsa ke peeche bhaagte rahe ... aur humne unki photo aaisi cheez par chaap di ... joh hinsa ki sabse badi jhad hai ... paisa
Just take the case of Gandhi ... his whole life he ran behind non-violence ... and we put his picture on such a thing ... which is the biggest cause of violence ... money
# 6
Ab dekh tamasha ... dhikhata hoon tereko Bipasha
Now you see my entertainment ... I'll show you Bipasha
# 7
Is mein sirf ek goli, aur bheje ki khali kholi ... peeche ka khadda do centimeter ka, aur samne se thopda Mr.India
In this (gun) there is only one bullet, and your brain goes empty ... the hole behind is two centimeters, and your face from front becomes Mr.India
# 8
Insaan chahe janwar se mard ban gaya ho ... lekin kuch aaise mard hai joh janwar se insaan kabhi nahi ban sakte
Even if a human has become a man from an animal ... but there are some men who can never become a human from an animal
# 9
Thukai aur kamai mein ek se zyada zariya hona bahut zaroori hai ... varna khud ki thukti hai
When it comes to hammering and income you should have more than one way ... otherwise you yourself will get hammered
# 10
Lambi race ke ghode ko goli nahin maarte ... gud aur chana khilate hain ... phir daav lagage paisa kamate hain
One does not fire a bullet at the horse of a long race ... you feed him jaggery and chickpeas ... then bet on it and make money
# 11
Tiger na billo se darta hai ... aur na billo ke pillo se
A tiger is not scared of cats ... and neither of her kittens
# 12
Kal se duniya ek pyari si jannat hai ... joh khul rahi hai dheere dheere woh aaj teri kismat hai
From tomorrow the world will be one sweet heaven ... and what is opening slowly slowly today, is your fate
# 13
Jis din meri hatt gayi na ... tu zaroor hatt jayega
The day I go crazy ... you will be gone
# 14
Aadmi musafir hota hai hero ... aata hai, jaata hai
A man is a traveler buddy ... he comes, he goes
# 15
Mere aage hai jannat, toh aaj teri shaamat hai ... dil yun kisiko dena, mardo ki buri aadat hai
Heaven is in front of me, hence today you'll have problems ... giving the heart to anyone, is an old habit of men
# 16
Yeh jism dekh raha hai, resham hai resham ... is pe fisalna bahut aasaan hai ... chahe woh haath ho yah niyat
Are you seeing this body, it is silky ... it is very easy to slip on it ... be it the hand or intention
# 17
Nasha jitna badhe ... hosh utni hi derr se aata hai
The more the intoxication ... the later one regains consciousness
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