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Release Year - 2014
# 1
Jis mehfil ne thukraya humko, kyun us mehfil ko yaad kare ... aage lamhe bula rahe hai, aao unke saath chale
The gathering that rejected us, why should we remember that gathering ... the moments ahead are calling us, come let's go with them
# 2
Main dikhti hoon maa jaisi sab kehte hai ... sab kehte hai, sach kehte hai ... par main hoon apne papa ki beti
Everyone says that I look like my mother ... if everyone says that, then they are telling the truth ... but I'm a daddy's girl
# 3
Humra gola par log jhoot nahi bolta hai
People don't lie on my planet
# 4
Kaun Hindu, kaun Musalman ... thappa kidhar hai dikha ... ye farak bhagwan nahi tum log banaya hai ... aur yahi is gola ka sabse danger wrong number hai
Who is Hindu, who is Muslim ... show me where is the stamp ... you guys have made this difference and not god ... and this is the most dangerous wrong number of this planet
# 5
Shaadi byah mein pataka phodke band baja bajake ... kahe poore shehar ko bataya jaata hai ki aaj I am having sex?
Why is it that in marriages and weddings we burst crackers, play the music ... and announce in the whole city that I am going to having sex today?
# 6
Jaise deewar pe bhagwan ka photo lagate hai na, taaki kauno moote nahi ... hum iyaan lagata hoon, taaki kauno peete nahi
Just like you apply the photo of god on the walls, so that no one urinates there ... just like that I put it on here (on my cheeks), so that no one hits me
# 7
Bhagwan se baat kare ka communication system ye gola ka ... total lul ho chuka hai
The communication system of this planet for talking to god ... has become totally useless
# 8
Apne bhagwan ki raksha karna band karo ... nahi toh is gola mein insaan nahi sirf joota reh jayega
Stop protecting your god ... or else only shoes will be left on this planet and not humans
# 9
Joh darr gaya so mandir gaya
The one who is scared, he goes to the temple
# 10
Iyaan toh bolte kuch hai aur matbal kuch aur nikalta hai
Here they something and it means something different
# 11
Naam roop ke bhed par kiya kabhi hai gaur ... naam mila kuch aur, shakal akal kuch aur ... agni raje bilkul thande, Shanti bhaiya chalaye dande ... poonch na peeche inch bhi naam phir bhi Hanuman, Arjunlal ke ghar mile na teer-kaman ... aur Moolchandji itne bhaari, darshan dete toot jaye kursi bechari
Have you ever thought about the differences between the name and the appearance ... the name describes something, and the body and mind describes something else ... like the fire is totally cold, and Shanti (peace) brother is using the sticks ... like there is not even an inch of a tail behind but the name is still is Hanuman, and like not finding a bow and arrow in Arjun's house ... also Mr. Moolchand is so heavy, that the poor chair breaks just by seeing him
# 12
Shehar ke har bridge par hote hai ATM ... jitne paise chahiye nikaal lo ... aur har sunsaan gali mein hoti hai kapadon ki dukaan ... joh pasand aaye pehen lo
Every bridge of the city has a ATM ... remove as much money as you want ... and in every quiet street there is a shop of clothes ... wear whatever you like
# 13
Aaise tukur tukur ka dekhat ho?
Why are you staring at me with wide open eyes?
# 14
Hum bahut hi confusiya gaya hoon
I'm very confused
# 15
Memory aur thukai ka kuch direct connection hai ... yeh baat toh doctor ko batani chahiye ... majho ka majho aur ilaaj ka ilaaj
There is some direct connection between memory and making love ... we should tell this to a doctor ... you get enjoyment along with the treatment
# 16
Ek baar gaya hoon moon pe ... bahut hi lul place hai
I've gone to the moon once ... it's a very dull place
# 17
Lul ho gayi humri life
My life has become useless
# 18
Peeke hai kya?
Are you drunk?
# 19
Earth ki toh lul hi baji hui hai
Earth has become very disappointing
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