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Sanjay Dutt

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# 121
Nishana lagane ka maaza tab aata hai ... jab shikaar daud raha ho ... khade hue insaan ko maarna aaise hai ... jaise mele mein gubaare phodna
To take an aim is fun ... when the prey is running ... killing a person who is standing ... is like blowing balloons in the fair
# 122
Today corruption is a part of our lives ... an honest man is a liability
Today corruption is a part of our lives ... an honest man is a liability
# 123
Iodex lagane se theek hoti hai moch, B-Tex lagane se theek hoti hai khujli ... dil lagane nikle joh pati, usse maarke current gira deti hai bijli
A sprain can be cured by applying Iodex (ointment), itching can be cured by applying B-Tex (cream) ... the husband who tries to flirt, will fall down with a current from the electricity
# 124
Kehte hai waqt har zakhm bhar deta hai ... magar waqt hi mera zakhm hai
It is said that time heals all wounds ... but time itself is my wound
# 125
Koi mamuli MP meri MP3 nahi bajha sakta
No ordinary minister can play my MP3 song
# 126
Tu police waala nahin bhadwaa hai ... joh kanoon ko rundi banakar gundon ke haathon mein bechta hai
You are a pimp not a cop ... who sells the law as a prostitute into the hands of goons
# 127
Meri raftaar meri zindagi hai
My speed is my life
# 128
Dhood ke phatne se banti hai malai ... suit ke phatne se hoti hai silai ... bhoot ke darr se phatte jiski, uski toh rab hi kare bhalai
Cream is made by boiling milk ... stitching is done when a dress tears ... the one who is scared of a ghost, god only save him
# 129
Dhoodh ka mazaa tab aata hai jab us mein ho elaichi, badam aur pista ... jab dil se dil mil jaate hai toh ban jaata hai bhai behen ka rishta
You enjoy milk when it has green cardamom, almonds and pistachios ... when a heart connects with a heart then a relationship of brother and sister is formed
# 130
Dhanda shuru karne se pehle teri jahan jahan bhi pahunch hai na, un sabse meri report manga lena ... agar kisi ek ne bhi mere area mein dhanda shuru karne ki salah di na tujhe ... toh vardi ki kasam tere dhande ka ribbon kaatne main khud aaonga
Before starting your business, collect my report from everyone whom you can reach ... and even if one person gives you the advice of opening your business in my area ... then I swear on my uniform that I'll myself come to cut the ribbon of your business
# 131
Politics mein ek cheez yaad rakhna ... sikka uchle ya na uchle ... keechad zaroor uchalta hai
Always remember one thing in politics ... whether your plan works for you or not ... you'll always get defamed
# 132
Haq doge toh Ramayan shuru hogi ... cheenoge toh Mahabharat ... faisla tumhe karna hai Ramayan ke Mahabharat
If you give me my right then there'll be peace ... if you snatch it then there'll be a war ... now you have to decide between peace and war
# 133
Bandook se kisi ki jaan li ja sakti hai ... kisi ka dil nahi jeet sakte
You can take someones life with a gun ... you can't win someones heart with it
# 134
My would be wife ... yeh lo knife ... kaato yeh cake aur bacha lo is bhooke ki life
My would be wife ... here is the knife ... cut this cake and save the life of this hungry person
# 135
Agar main yeh bomb tere sar pe rakhoonga toh pehle kya phatega ... yeh bomb ya tera sar ... (tu bata kya phatega) ... sabse pehle teri phategi
If I keep this bomb on your head then what will blast first ... this bomb or your head? ... (you tell what will blast) ... first you'll blast with fear
# 136
Jitna talk time hai utna bol
Only talk for whatever talk time is left
# 137
Zara soocho, aap logon ke paas power hai, naukar hai, locker hai, rehne ke liye tower hai, nahane ke liye shower hai ... inke paas kya hai?
Just think, you guys have power, servant, locker, tower to live in, shower to bathe in ... what do they have?
# 138
Zindagi aur maut aankh mein choli ka khel hai ... par Pritam Singh jab khele toh baki sab fail hai
Life and death is the game of hide and seek ... but when Pritam Singh plays then everyone else fails
# 139
Kichad uchhalne par kichad hi milta hai
If you splash on mud you will get mud only
# 140
Sach ko sach karne ke liye do logon ki zaroorat padti hai ... ek joh sach bol sakta hai ... aur doosra joh sach sun sakta hai
Two people are needed to prove that the truth is in fact the real truth ... one who can speak the truth ... and second who can listen to that truth
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