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Jackie Shroff

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# 41
Seeti toh woh saaz hai joh insaan ke dil se nikalti hai ... aur saason ki taaron se bajhti hai
Whistle is that tune which comes from the heart of a man ... and is played from the strings of his breath
# 42
Jung jeeti ya haari jaati hai sirf ek cheez ke basis par ... information
A war is won or lost on the basis of only one thing ... information
# 43
Ekdum bundal, bakwaas aur badtameez chokri ho
You are a liar, rubbish and mannerless girl
# 44
Heroes do not choose their destiny ... destiny chooses them
Heroes do not choose their destiny ... destiny chooses them
# 45
Bure waqt se badi khatarnak koi cheez nahi hai is duniya mein
There is nothing more dangerous in this world than bad time
# 46
Bade baap ka bigda hua beta aksar galat raaste par hi chalta hai
An ill-mannered son of rich man usually walks on the wrong path
# 47
Yeh desh vishwas aur insaaniyat ki neev par khada hua hai ... ho sakta hai waqt is desh ke beech mein lakeer kheench de ... lekin jab tak yeh lakeer is desh ke rehne walon ke dilon mein nahi kheenchegi na ... tab tak hum ek rahenge
This country is standing on the foundation of trust and humanity ... may be time will form a border in the middle of this country ... but until that border gets formed in the hearts of the people who live in this country ... till that time we'll remain united
# 48
Jaise kuch sawaalon ka jawaab nahi hota ... vaise hi kuch jawaabon ka sawaal nahi hota
Like some questions don't have an answer ... just like that some answers don't have a question
# 49
We should use our hands for cause, not just applause
We should use our hands for cause, not just applause
# 50
Haath chhodke baat kar varna yamdoot ke hawale kar doonga
Leave my hand alone and talk or else I'll send you to the god of death
# 51
Mera junoon hai sirf mera mulk ... mera Hindustan!
My passion is only my country ... my India!
# 52
Pistol toh haath mein bachche bhi pakad sakte hai ... magar usse chalana bachchon ka kaam nahi
Even kids can hold a pistol in their hand ... but it is not child's play to fire it
# 53
Insaan ki haar mein hi sabse badi jeet chupi hoti hai
A persons biggest win is hidden within his loss
# 54
Apni position se retire hona bahut aasaan hai ... magar apni soch se bahut mushkil
It's very easy to retire from your position ... but it's very hard to do that from your thoughts
# 55
Apun toh bolta hai Goa chal ... mast faadu jagah hai ... udhar tikane ka tequila ... disco mein hilane ka patila
Let's go to Goa ... it's a great place ... over there we'll drink tequila ... and we'll shake our leg in the disco
# 56
Insaan jitna bhi kyun na bhaage ... maut se nahi bach sakta
No matter how much a person tries to run ... he still can't escape death
# 57
Raajneeti ke mandi mein joh sabse sasti cheez bikti hai ... woh hai police
The cheapest thing that sells in the market of politics ... is police
# 58
Main chaal chalta nahi ... aur chalta hoon toh maat nahi khata
I don't plan ploys ... but if I plan them, then I don't lose
# 59
Aasman paane ka khwab dekho ... suraj toh mil hi jayega
Dream to achieve the sky ... you'll at least get the Sun
# 60
Is duniya mein kya galat hai kya sahi hai ... iska faisla sirf uske haath mein hai jis mein faisla leni ki himmat ho, atmavishwas ho, conviction ho
What is right or wrong in this world ... only that person can decide who has the courage, the self confidence, the conviction to take that decision
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