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Sadak Chhap

Release Year - 1987
# 1
Aadmi ke do haath toh hote hai magar neta banane ke baad ... ek haath ekdum lamba aur ek haath ekdum chota ho jaata hai ... woh lambe haath se vote kheenchta hai aur chote haath se note deta hai
A person does have two hands but after becoming a politician ... one hand becomes very long and the other hand becomes very short ... with the long hand he pulls the votes and with the short hand he gives away money
# 2
Aapke aasoon mera dard ban jayenge ... aur aapki takleefien meri pareshaniyan kehlayengi
Your tears will turn into my pain ... and your problems will be called as my worries
# 3
Haath chhodke baat kar varna yamdoot ke hawale kar doonga
Leave my hand alone and talk or else I'll send you to the god of death
# 4
Main un netaon mein se nahi hoon joh vote lene ke liye note baantte hai ... aur vote mil jaane ke baad noton mein ulajh jaate hai
I'm not one of those politicians who give away money to buy votes ... and who after getting the votes get engrossed in money
# 5
Aadmi jisko joh samajhta hai woh woh nahi hota ... aur joh hota hai woh nazar nahi aata ... aur joh nazar aata hai woh usse kuch alag hi hota hai
What a person thinks what someone is, they are not that ... and what he is, that can't be seen ... and what you see, he is totally different than that
# 6
Barson imaandari ka dhong karte rehte ho ... aur mauka milte hi aaisi baimaani karte ho ki shaitan bhi sharma jaye
You keep pretending to be honest for years ... and the moment you get a chance you cheat in such a way that even the devil will feel shy
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