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Samay: When Time Strikes

Release Year - 2003
# 1
Galat kaam ki koi sahi vajah nahi ho sakti
A wrong thing can never have a right reason
# 2
Har cheez joh dikhai deti hai sach toh nahi hoti
Everything that you can see is not always the truth
# 3
Insaan ki haar mein hi sabse badi jeet chupi hoti hai
A persons biggest win is hidden within his loss
# 4
Is duniya mein kya galat hai kya sahi hai ... iska faisla sirf uske haath mein hai jis mein faisla leni ki himmat ho, atmavishwas ho, conviction ho
What is right or wrong in this world ... only that person can decide who has the courage, the self confidence, the conviction to take that decision
# 5
Raasta dikh gaya hai ... manzil bhi mil hi jayegi
We have seen the path ... so we'll find the destination also
# 6
Insaan tab pagal kehlata hai ... jab uska dimaag ek jagah ruk jaata hai
A person is called mad ... when his mind stops at one place
# 7
Overwork karne se efficiency ghatti hai
Efficiency comes down with overworking
# 8
Waqt do haathon par chalta rehta hai ... ek sa rehkar badalta rehta hai ... har koi uska hamrahi, par soona hai uska raasta ... har kisi se hai rishta, par kisi se nahi vaasta ... waqt, rakht ki tarah behta waqt
Time moves on two hands ... being one it keeps changing ... everyone is it's companion, but still it's path is lonely ... it has a relationship with everyone, but it's not connected with anyone ... time, which flows like blood
# 9
Believe everything, trust nothing
Believe everything, trust nothing
Song Lyrics - Samay: When Time Strikes
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