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Release Year - 2001
# 1
Is duniya ke andar apne pyar ka gala ghontana bahut mushkil hai ... magar joh aadmi apun ko pyar karta hai ... uska dil todna bahut paap hai
In this world it's very hard to squeeze the neck of your love ... but the one who loves us ... it's a very big sin to break their heart
# 2
Kisi aaise aadmi ke saath din guzaro ... joh raatein tumhari yaad mein guzarta ho
Spend your days with a person ... who spends his nights in your memories
# 3
Jab zindagi mein pehli baar koi kisi ko I love you bolta hai na ... kya lagta hai ... aaisa lagta hai ki ek bottle daru aang ke andar ghus gaya ho ... aur daru bhi aaisa jis mein mithaas bhi hai aur nasha bhi
When someone says I love you to someone for the first time ... then it feels so good ... it feels as if a bottle of alcohol has entered in the body ... and that kind of alcohol in which there is sweetness and intoxication as well
# 4
Yeh aag hoti hi aaisi hai ... sab kuch jala deti hai ... fark bas itna hai ki kahin dikhai deti hai aur kahin nahi dikhai deti
Fire has this characteristic ... it burns everything ... the only difference is that somewhere it can be seen and somewhere it can't be seen
# 5
Ek tanhai doosre tanhai ka saath deti hai
One loneliness always supports another loneliness
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