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Uttar Dakshin

Release Year - 1987
# 1
Jua mein juari haarta hai ... patta nahi
In gambling a gambler loses ... not the card
# 2
Sabse gehra zakhm wohi log de sakte hai ... joh khud gehri chot khaye huye hai
Only those people can give deep wounds ... who themselves have deep wounds
# 3
Taash ki gaddi bhale hi bees rupaye ki ho ... lekin uspar jua karodon ka kehla jaata hai
So what if the pack of cards is for Rs.20 ... the bet played on it is for millions
# 4
Aap aur hum uttar aur dakshin ki tarah do dishayen hai ... joh kabhi nahi mil sakti
You and I are like the two ways of north and south ... which can never meet
# 5
Sharaab aur daulat in do cheezon ka nasha aaisa hi hota hai ... ki jisse insaan gir hi jaata hai
Alcohol and money, the intoxication from these two things ... is such that a person falls down
# 6
Agar tumne khoon se khelne ki koshish ki ... toh khoon ki dhara tumhare shareer se bahegi ... mere shareer se nahi
If you try to play with blood ... then the stream of blood will flow from your body ... not from my body
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