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War & Battle

War & Battle Dialogues

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# 61
Haq doge toh Ramayan shuru hogi ... cheenoge toh Mahabharat ... faisla tumhe karna hai Ramayan ke Mahabharat
If you give me my right then there'll be peace ... if you snatch it then there'll be a war ... now you have to decide between peace and war
# 62
Jung jeeti ya haari jaati hai sirf ek cheez ke basis par ... information
A war is won or lost on the basis of only one thing ... information
# 63
Koi bhi fauji jung nahi chahta ... kyun ki usse hone wale nuksaan ko usse behtar koi nahi jaanta
No soldier wants a war ... because no one knows better than him the loss that comes with it
# 64
Jab ek ki doosre se ranjish ho, usse dushmani kaha jaata hai ... aur jab do yodha mil jaye, usse jung ka elaan
When there is animosity between two people, it's called as enmity ... and when two knights unite, it's called the announcement of a war
# 65
Jung ke maidan mein ladne wala har sipahi barabar hota hai
Every soldier fighting on the war field is equal
# 66
Ladaai mein koi jeet'ta nahi hai ... jeet bhale hi kisi ek ki ho ... lekin haarte dono hai
No one wins in a battle ... even if one person wins ... but still both lose
# 67
Sainik hona ek desh ka sipahi hona hi nahi hai ... sainik hona ek shahadat hai, ek qurbani hai, balidaan hai ... aur sainik ke ghar waale sainik se bhi badhe shaheed hote hai
Being a soldier is not just being a warrior for the country ... being a soldier is a martyrdom, a sacrifice, an immolation ... and the family members of a soldier are biggers martyrs than the soldier
# 68
Yeh nafrat aur mohabbat ki jung hai ... nafrat sar kaatti hai aur mohabbat sar jhukati hai
This is a battle of hatred and love ... hatred slices the head and love bows the head down
# 69
Itne baazu itne sar, ginle dushman dhyan se ... harega woh har baazi, jab khelein hum jee jaan se
So many hands and so many heads, let the enemy count them properly ... he will lose every battle, when we play with our heart
# 70
Jung mein jab shoot karne ka order dete hai toh, kab kahan kaise uska toh pata hota hai magar kyun ... fauji ko na yeh batate hai, na usse janane ka haq hota hai
In a war when you get an order to shoot, you know when, where and how to do that, but why ... a soldier is never told the reason behind it and neither does he have the right to know that
# 71
Akalmand ki pehchan gusse ke waqt hoti hai ... aur bahadur ki maidan-e-jung mein
The smartness of a person is identified when he is angry ... and the strength of a person is identified in the battlefield
# 72
Jeeti hui baazi haari nahi jaati ... imaan ke taange par koi sawari nahi aati
You cannot lose a battle that is won ... and no rider sits on the horse cart of honesty
# 73
Manushya ko makhan mein baal ki tarah, samudra mein jaal ki tarah aur yudh mein dhaal ki tarah rehna chahiye
A human should stay like a hair in butter, like a net in the sea and like an armour in battle
# 74
Ladai badshah ke liye nahi hoti hai ... badshahat ke liye hoti hai
War is not done to be the king ... it is done for the reign
# 75
Yudh mein kisi bhi paksh ki jeet nahi hoti ... dono paksh kuch na kuch haarte hai
In a war no one side wins ... both sides do lose something or the other
# 76
Yeh baazi hum haar chuke hai ... lekin is jung mein jeet hamari hogi
We have lost this game ... but we will win this war
# 77
Jung ladne se pehle jung ladne ke darr se bahar nikalna padta hai ... tab jaake fateh hoti hai
Before fighting a war one must eradicate the fear of fighting a war ... only then you can be victorious
# 78
Apne plans se zyada zaroori hai unke plans jaan lena ... so you can be one step ahead
More important than knowing your plans, is to know the plans of others ... so you can be one step ahead
# 79
Kisi bhi desh ki suraksha bandookon aur topon se nahi ki jati ... aur nahi atom bomb aur machine gunon se jung jeeti jati hai ... jung jeetta hai insaan mazbood iraadon se
A country cannot be protected by guns and tanks ... and neither can a war be won by atom bombs and machine guns ... a war is won is by strong intensions of humans
# 80
Soora so pehchaniye, joh lade deen ke heth ... purja purja kat mare, kabu na chhode khet
The one who is brave, he fights for the justice of everyone ... he may get cut into pieces and die, but he won't leave the battlefield
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