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War & Battle

War & Battle Dialogues

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# 81
Yudh mein kisi bhi paksh ki jeet nahi hoti ... dono paksh kuch na kuch haarte hai
In a war no one side wins ... both sides do lose something or the other
# 82
Jung ladne se pehle jung ladne ke darr se bahar nikalna padta hai ... tab jaake fateh hoti hai
Before fighting a war one must eradicate the fear of fighting a war ... only then you can be victorious
# 83
Apne plans se zyada zaroori hai unke plans jaan lena ... so you can be one step ahead
More important than knowing your plans, is to know the plans of others ... so you can be one step ahead
# 84
Insaan duniya ki har jung jeet sakta hai lekin ... maut ke aage usse haarna hi padta hai
A human can win every battle of the world ... but he has to lose in front of death
# 85
Woh lahu hi kya joh haq ki ladai mein na bahe
What good is the blood that doesn't shed in the fight for the right
# 86
Kisi bhi desh ki suraksha bandookon aur topon se nahi ki jati ... aur nahi atom bomb aur machine gunon se jung jeeti jati hai ... jung jeetta hai insaan mazbood iraadon se
A country cannot be protected by guns and tanks ... and neither can a war be won by atom bombs and machine guns ... a war is won is by strong intensions of humans
# 87
Soora so pehchaniye, joh lade deen ke heth ... purja purja kat mare, kabu na chhode khet
The one who is brave, he fights for the justice of everyone ... he may get cut into pieces and die, but he won't leave the battlefield
# 88
Anyaay ke khilaf har yudh ek nyaay hai
Every war against injustice is justice
# 89
Mohabbat aur jung mein sab jayaz hai
Everything is fair in love and war
# 90
Hindustan ka sipahi jung ka maidan do hi suraton mein chhodta hai ... ya toh jeet haasil karke ... ya desh ke liye kurbaan hoke
An Indian soldier leaves the battleground only under two circumstances ... either when he wins the battle ... or when he sacrifices his life for the country
# 91
Girte hain sher savaar hi maidan-e-jung mein ... woh tiflya kya girega joh ghutno ke bal chale
Only fighters who rides the tigers in a battlefield have a chance of falling ... but cowards who choose to walk on their knees will never fall
# 92
Jab tak bandook mein aakhri goli hoti hai ... jung jeeti ja sakti hai
Until there is one last bullet left in the gun ... a war can be won
# 93
Joh kali dulhan bani hai woh chaman ki jaan hai ... par dahej joh kuch mila hai, jung ka samaan hai ... aap meri toop hai aur sasur captaan
The flower who has become a bride is the life of the garden ... but whatever I've got in dowry, is stuff of war ... you are my tank and my father-in-law is our captain
# 94
Jung aur mohabbat mein hamesha do kadam aage badate hai aur ek kadam peeche hatate hai ... taaki hamesha ek kadam aage rahe
In war and love you always move two steps forward and one step behind ... so that we are always one step ahead
# 95
Daulat ki jung mein toh sab jayaz hai
Everything is fair in the war of money
# 96
Jung hathyaron se nahi ... veeron se ladi jaati hai
You don't fight a war with weapons ... you fight it with warriors
# 97
Jung joh hai na gurde se jeeti jaati hai ... goli se nahi
A war is won with courage ... and not with bullets
# 98
Jung chahe farz ki ho ya dilon ki ... humein dono jeetna aata hai
Whether the war is for duty or for the hearts ... we know how to win them both
# 99
Saare shareer par maar aur ladai mein haar ... mujhe dono pasand nahi hai
Wounds all over the body and defeat in a battle ... I don't like it both
# 100
Mohabbat ho ya jung ... do hi cheezein jeeta sakti hai ... ek rokda aur doosra danda
Be it love or war ... only two things can help you win ... one money and other stick
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