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Bhindi Baazaar Inc.

Release Year - 2011
# 1
Zindagi aur chess mein koi khaas farak nahi hai ... jeetne ke liye dono mein chaalein chalni padti hai
There is not much of a difference between chess and life ... you have to play your moves in both to win
# 2
Ladai badshah ke liye nahi hoti hai ... badshahat ke liye hoti hai
War is not done to be the king ... it is done for the reign
# 3
Jab ek vazir marta hai ... toh mamooli sa pyada, vazir ban jaata hai
When the minister dies ... then even an ordinary pawn can become the minister
# 4
Joh jitna ooncha udhta hai ... usse kaatna utna hi aasaan hota hai
The higher the one flies ... it's that much easier to cut them out
# 5
Kisine kaha hai ki khel mein haar ja jeet mayne nahi rakhti ... woh usne haarne ke baad hi kaha hoga ... kyun ki khel sirf jeetne ke liye khela jaata hai
Someone has said that winning or losing doesn't matter in a game ... but he must have said that only after losing ... because a game is played only to win
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