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War & Battle

War & Battle Dialogues

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# 101
Bina shaadi karvaye aap marne chale ... bandook haath mein li nahi jung ladne chale
Without getting me married you want to die ... you hardly took the gun in your hand and you want to fight a war
# 102
Band karo yeh yudh ... is yudh ki jeet mein bhi haar hai aur haar mein bhi haar hai
Stop this battle ... there is a loss in winning this battle and there is loss in losing as well
# 103
Ladai ke maidan mein dushman kitna bhi khatarnak kyun na ho ... zakhmi sipahi apni jung khud hi ladta hai
No matter how dangerous the enemy is in the battlefield ... an injured soldier fights his war himself
# 104
Ladai arms aur fuel se nahi ladi jaati ... ladai dimaag se ladi jaati hai
A battle is not fought with arms and fuel ... a battle is fought with the mind
# 105
Kyun meri Kashmir jaisi zindagi ko Kurukshetra banane pe tuli ho?
Why are you trying to ruin my Kashmir like life into a battlefield?
# 106
Jung se dharti ka seena toh laal hota hi hai ... yeh desh ki atma ko bhi ghayal kar deti hai
With war not only does the surface of the land become red ... even the country's soul becomes wounded
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