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War & Battle

War & Battle Dialogues

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# 21
Yudh ka ek hi niyam hota hai ... vijay!
War has only one rule ... victory!
# 22
Nyay aur dharam ke liye yudh karna hinsa nahi ... veerta hai
To battle for justice and your duty is not violence ... it is courageous
# 23
Everything is fair and love is war
Everything is fair and love is war
# 24
Bheek mein mile desh aur daan mein mile hathyaron ke dum par itna bhaunkna theek nahi
It is not good to bark a lot on the basis of a country that you got by begging and weapons that you got by charity
# 25
Insaan aur aatma ki jung mein ... jeet parmatma ki honi chahiye
In the battle between human and soul ... God is the one who should win
# 26
Jung ka ek hi usool hai ... jeet
War has only one rule ... to win
# 27
Jung sirf ladi nahi jaati ... kheli bhi jaati hai
A war is not only fought ... it's played as well
# 28
Jung koi bhi ho, nateeja kuch bhi ho ... ek sipahi apna kuch na kuch kho hi deta hai
Be it any war, be it any outcome ... a soldier loses something or the other
# 29
Yudh mein shastra nahi, saahas chahiye ... sena nahi, himmat chahiye
In a war you don't need weapons, you need valour ... you don't need an army, you need courage
# 30
Ladai mein har jeet ki keemat chukani padti hai
In war every victory has to pay a price
# 31
Jung marke nahi, maarke jeeti jaati hai
A war is won by killing, not by dying
# 32
Ranbhoomi mein girne wale Rajput kabhi marte nahi ... amar ho jaate hai
Warriors who fall on the battlefield don't die ... they become martyrs
# 33
Ek fauji is liye jung nahi karta hai kyun ki woh samne wale se nafrat karta hai ... woh jung is liye karta hai kyun ki jinko woh peeche chhod aaya hai na ... unse woh pyar bahut karta hai
A soldier doesn't fight in a war because he hates the enemy ... he fights because the people that he has left behind ... he loves them a lot
# 34
Jung mein aisa hi hota hai ... kayi bekasoor maare jaate hai ... lekin jung mein sivah jung ke aur kuch mayine nahi rakhta
These things happen in war ... many innocent people get killed ... but in war nothing else matters other than the war itself
# 35
Mohabbat aur nafrat ki jung mein ... jeet hamesha mohabbat ki hoti hai
In the battle between love and war ... love always wins
# 36
Hamara har jawaan ek nuclear bomb hai
Our every soldier is a nuclear bomb
# 37
Yeh jung hai ... is jung mein kuch bhi ho ... chahe marenge ya maarenge ... milegi toh jannat hi
This is war ... and no matter what happens in this war ... we'll die or we'll kill ... in either case we'll attain heaven
# 38
Agar ek maut se nau jaane bachti hai, toh bachani chahiye ... yahi army ka asool hai
If you can save 9 lives with one death, then you should have saved them ... this is the rule of the army
# 39
Hum uss sipahi ki tarah hai ... jiske haath mein sirf mayan hai ... talwar nahi
We are like those soldiers ... who only have the scabbard in their hand ... not the sword
# 40
Sipahi jab maidan-e-jung mein utarta hai ... toh apna hathyaar lana nahin bhulta
When a soldier steps into the war field ... he never forgets his weapon
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