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Ishq Click

Release Year - 2016
# 1
Woh nahi mere paas magar usse mohabbat hai toh hai ... yeh agar rasm-o-riwazon se bagavat hai toh hai
He's not with me but if I love him, then so be it ... if this is a revolution against customs and traditions, then so be it
# 2
Kitna pyar hai tumse yeh jaan lo ... tum hi zindagi ho meri is baat ko maan lo ... tumhe dene ko mere paas kuch bhi nahi ... bas ek jaan hai, jab jee chahe maang lo
Know this, that I love you a lot ... agree to the fact that you're my life ... I don't have anything to give to you ... I just have one life, ask for it whenever you want
# 3
Farishtey hi honge jinka hua ishq muqammal ... insaano ko toh humne sirf barbaad hote dekha hai
Those who attain their love must be angels ... since we have only seen humans getting destroyed
# 4
Ladaai mein koi jeet'ta nahi hai ... jeet bhale hi kisi ek ki ho ... lekin haarte dono hai
No one wins in a battle ... even if one person wins ... but still both lose
# 5
Jaisa situation tune pehda kiya hai na ... uske liye do hich jagah hai ... hospital ya police station
The type of situation that you've created ... for that you'll only go to two places ... hospital or police station
# 6
Pyar ke rishtey se zyada galat dard ka rishta hota hai
The relationship of pain is more wrong than the relationship of love
# 7
Meri dastaan-e-hasrat woh suna sunake roye ... mujhe aazmane wale mujhe aazmake roye ... main bewatan musafir, mera naam bebasi hai ... mera kaun is jahaan mein joh gale lagakar roye
She recited the story of my desires and cried ... those who tested me cried after testing me ... I'm a traveller without any country, my name is helplessness ... I don't have anyone in this world who will embrace me and cry
# 8
Khud ki beauty se anjaan beauty ... sabse khoobsurat hoti hai
A beauty who is unaware of her own beauty ... is the most beautiful thing
# 9
Khwaab dil dekhta hai ... pura dimaag karta hai
The heart is the one who dreams ... and the mind is the one who fulfills it
# 10
Subah hui aage jeevan hai, peeche maut ki parchai hai ... tezz dopheri yovan tapta maut kadamo par aayi hai ... saanj, safar aur umar ke dhalaan par anth ko samne paaya hai ... raat ki kaali syahi bikhri aakhri neend ne bulaya hai
Morning has come, life is ahead of us and the shadow of death is behind us ... death has come on its feet in this burning hot afternoon youth ... in this evening, this journey and this age, the end is in front of me ... the last sleep has called me after spreading the black ink of the night
# 11
Sambhal jane se zyada haseen ladkhadana hota hai ... basharte koi sambhalne wala ho
It's more beautiful to slip than to stabilize ... assuming there's someone there to hold you
# 12
Aapki aankhon mein sapne hai aur meri sapno pe aankhen
There are dreams in your eyes and my eyes are on the dreams
# 13
Kab kaha maine ke woh mera ho jaye aur main uski ... gair na ho jaye, itni si hasrat hai toh hai
When did I say that, we both should become each other's ... I just wish that, he doesn't become a stranger to me
# 14
Success ki seediyan hoti hai ... lift nahi
Success has steps ... and not a lift
# 15
Jahan chai, wahan rai
Where there's tea, there's an opinion
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