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Rami Reddy

# 1
Tujhe banakar maut ke mooh ka nivala ... tere seene mein gaad doonga main maut ka bhala
After I make you into morsel for death ... I will pierce the spear of death in your chest
# 2
I am a king without a kingdom
I am a king without a kingdom
# 3
Dushman ke paas agar taqat ke saath saath dimaag bhi ho ... toh vaar uske haath pe nahi, gardan pe karna chahiye
If the enemy has a mind along with the strength ... then you should attack his neck and not his hand
# 4
Tabaahi ki aandhi aur barbaadi ke toofan ka naam hai Chikara
The squall of ruinous and the storm of destruction is called Chikara
# 5
Hamare dhande mein dushman khatam nahi hote ... mehmaano ki tarah ek jaata hai toh doosra chala aata hai
Enemies never end in our business ... like guests one goes and another one comes along
# 6
Saanp ko aadha maarke chhod do toh woh aur khatarnak ho jaata hai
If you leave the snake half dead then it becomes more dangerous
# 7
Tutisha ka record hai ... uske tamachon ke nishaan gaal par se mitt jaate hai ... lekin dimaag par se nahi mittate
It's a record of Tutisha ... that the marks from his slaps may get erased from the cheeks ... but they can't be erased from the mind
# 8
Aadmi ke paas jis prakaar ka astra shastra ho ... ussi prakaar ka yudh ladna chahiye ... tabhi usko safalta milti hai
The kind of weapons that a person has ... he should fight a war of that kind itself ... only then he gets success
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