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Release Year - 2019
# 1
Rajneeti bolo toh ek second ... socho toh ek minute ... seekh lo toh kuch din ... lekin rajneeti samajhne ke liye poori zindagi nikal jaati hai
You can talk about politics in one second ... you can think about it in one minute ... you can learn about it in a few days ... but it'll take you your entire life to understand politics
# 2
Politicians aur diapers ko badalna chahiye ... nahi toh gandagi phail jayegi
Politicians and diapers should always be changed ... or else it'll spread filthiness
# 3
Politics mein ek cheez yaad rakhna ... sikka uchle ya na uchle ... keechad zaroor uchalta hai
Always remember one thing in politics ... whether your plan works for you or not ... you'll always get defamed
# 4
Haq doge toh Ramayan shuru hogi ... cheenoge toh Mahabharat ... faisla tumhe karna hai Ramayan ke Mahabharat
If you give me my right then there'll be peace ... if you snatch it then there'll be a war ... now you have to decide between peace and war
# 5
Main bahut ajeeb hoon ... phal nahi milta hai toh pedh kaat deta hoon ... aur pedh nahi mila toh jadh kaat deta hoon
I've very strange ... I cut the tree if I don't get fruits from it ... and I cut the roots if don't get a tree from it
# 6
Politics sher ki sawari hai ... ek baar utar gaye toh jaan se bhi haath dho behetoge
Politics is like a ride on a tiger's back ... once you get down then you'll lose your life as well
# 7
Jab kaatne ki aukaad nahi ho na ... toh bhaukna bhi nahi chahiye
When you don't have the courage to bite ... then you shouldn't bark as well
# 8
Jung joh hai na gurde se jeeti jaati hai ... goli se nahi
A war is won with courage ... and not with bullets
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