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Jackie Shroff

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# 1
Joh duniya ko namumkin lage ... wahi mauka hota hai ... kartab dikhane ka
What the world thinks is impossible ... that is the right opportunity ... to show your stunts
# 2
Jahan 'kh' se khush hokar jeena chahiye wahan 'kh' se itne khamosh baithe ho ... arre 'kh' se itne khoye khoye ho ... ki pata hi nahi chalta ki aap ghar pe ho
Where you should be happy in life there you are sitting so quietly ... you are so lost ... that one does not know if you are home or not
# 3
Kabhi kabhi kismat maut se pehle pahunch jaati hai
Sometimes luck comes before death comes
# 4
Nazuk ladkiyan dadagiri karte huye achchi nahi lagti
Delicate girls don't look good when bossing
# 5
Yeh toh 'sh' se shayari ho gayi
Mr.Chunni, this became a poetry starting with 'sh'
# 6
Khaas samay par khaas kaam ke liye khaas insaan ko dhoond lena meri khaasiyat hai
It is my speciality to find the right person for the right job at the right time
# 7
Itni si umar aur itne jurm?
Such a young age and so many crimes?
# 8
Janwaro pe bharosa kiya ja sakta hai ... insaano par nahi
You can trust animals ... not humans
# 9
The more you sweat in peace ... the less you bleed in war
The more you sweat in peace ... the less you bleed in war
# 10
Is vardi ka rang khaki kis liye hai pata hai? ... kyun ki yeh rang us mitti ka bhi hai jis mein har policewaala milne ke liye bhi aur milaane ke liye bhi tayar hai
Do you know why the color of this uniform is khaki? ... because this color is also of the land for which every policeman it ready to die for and to kill for
# 11
Shikaar ka mazaa tabhi aata hai ... jab woh jald se pakad mein na aaye
The fun of hunting comes only when ... the prey does not get captured quickly
# 12
Khoobsurati woh nahi hoti joh aaine mein dikhai de ... khoobsurati woh hoti hai joh aaine mein nazar na aaye
Beauty is not what you see in the mirror ... beauty is what you can't see in the mirror
# 13
Pyar amrit hota hai agar safal hua toh ... nahi toh wohi pyar zehar ban jaata hai
Love is immortal if it's successful ... or else that same love turns into poison
# 14
Tum hamesha jeetne waale ghodhe par hi paisa lagate ho ... aur main jis ghodhe par paisa lagata hoon ... usse jeetna hi padta hai
You always bet on the winning horse ... but the horse that I bet on ... has to win
# 15
Love is not heart of life ... it is only part of life
Love is not heart of life ... it is only part of life
# 16
Aatank ka woh bazaar lagaonga ki charo taraf hamare barood honge
I will open the market of terror such that everywhere our gunpowder will be there
# 17
Tune bahut badi bhool ki hai ... jiska afsoos karne ke liye tu zinda nahi rahega
You've done a very big mistake ... for which you won't live to regret it
# 18
Har khalnayak mein ek nayak chupa hua hota hai
There is a hero hiding inside every villain
# 19
Duniya mein yun aana, duniya se yun jaana ... aao toh le aana, jao toh de jaana ... yaadein, yaadein, yaadein
Come in this world, go from this world ... get when you come, leave behind when you go ... memories, memories, memories
# 20
Insaan ki achchai aur burai ... ameeri aur gareebi ke palhade mein toli jaati hai
The good and bad of a person ... is measured on the scale of rich and poor
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