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# 21
Kashmir na koi le sakta hai aur Kashmir na koi de sakta hai ... Kashmir mein bus teen din aur do raat ka honeymoon package ho sakta hai
No one can take Kashmir and no one can give Kashmir ... the only thing that can happen in Kashmir is a three day and two night honeymoon package
# 22
Mushkil toh yeh hai ki main abhi theek tarah se bhigda bhi nahi ... aur tumne sudhaarna shuru kar diya
Difficulty is that, I still haven't properly become worst ... and you have already started to improve me
# 23
No if no but ... sirf jatt!
No if no but ... only Punjabi!
# 24
22 tak padhai, 25 pe naukri, 26 pe chokri, 30 pe bachche, 60 pe retirement ... aur phir maut ka intezaar ... dhat aaisi ghisi piti life thodi jeena chahta hoon
Study till 22, job at 25, girl at 26, kids at 30, retirement at 60 ... and then wait for death ... who wants to live such a boring life
# 25
Tumhara naam kya hai Basanti?
Basanti, what is your name?
# 26
Aap hi hamare pillar ho, lost and found memory ke chillar ho ... aap hi hamare Johnny, aur aap hi hamare Lever ho
You are our pillar, and our change from the lost and found memory ... you are our Johnny, and you are our Lever
# 27
Main dikhta hoon sweet, innocent, swami type ka na ... lekin actually hoon bahut bade harami type ka
Don't I look someone who is of the type of a sweet, innocent saint ... but I'm actually someone who is of the type of a big rascal
# 28
Bachpan ki pant jawani mein fit nahi hoti ... aur har no ball pe free hit nahi hoti
The pant of childhood doesn't fit in youth ... and every no ball doesn't have a free hit
# 29
Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost
Movie is still not over my friend
# 30
Bade bade deshon mein aaisi choti choti baatein ... hoti rehti hai
In big big countries such small small things ... keep happening
# 31
Swagat nahi karoge aap hamara?
Won't you welcome me?
# 32
Asli hai asli ... pachaas tola, pachaas tola ... kitna, pachaas tola
It is real ... 50 tolas, 50 tolas ... how much, 50 tolas
# 33
Ladki jab roti hai na bahut saare reasons hote hai ... par jab ladka rota hai ... reason ladki hi hoti hai
When a girl cries there are many reasons ... but when a guy cries ... then the reason is always a girl
# 34
Dye karne ki umar mein ladai karne nikle hai
In the age of dyeing you're trying to fight
# 35
Upar waale ne ek din inki life mein aaisa piece bheja ... joh two piece pehne huye tha
One day God sent such a beautiful piece (girl) in their life ... who was wearing a two piece (bikini)
# 36
Paal le koi rog nadan zindagi ke vaaste ... sirf sehat ke sahare zindagi katti nahi
Build some bad habits for this silly life ... life cannot be completed only with good health
# 37
Hamara income high ho na ho ... outcome toh hamara bhi world class hai
No matter if our income is high or not ... our outcome is world class
# 38
Bhoot bhoot ... inki maa ki
Ghost ghost ... to hell with you'll
# 39
Kudi da patla lak te munde da good luck ... dono luck ki baat hoti hai
A girls slim waist and a boys good luck ... both are dependent on luck
# 40
God made man and tailor made gentleman
God made man and tailor made gentleman
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