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# 161
There izz always a first time, always a next time
There is always a first time, always a next time
# 162
When I dead, police coming ... police coming, budiya going jail ... in jail budiya chakki peesing, and peesing, and peesing, and peesing, and peesing
The police will come when I die ... and when the police comes the old lady will go to jail ... and in the jail the old lady will grind, and grind, and grind, and grind, and grind
# 163
Yahan sab gadbad hai ustad ... naram garam hai aur garam naram hai
Master, everything here is a disorder ... soft is hot and hot is soft
# 164
Main aisa vaar karoonga ki Shakuni mama bhi sharminda ho jaye
I will attack in such a manner that even Shakuni uncle will be embarrassed
# 165
Mobile uska, sim apun ka ... tu beech mein missed call dene waala kaun ... behen uski, byah apun ka ... tu beech mein taang adhane waala kaun
The mobile is his and the sim is mine ... who the hell are you to give a missed call in between ... it's his sister and my wedding ... who the hell are you to put your foot in between
# 166
Suttebaazi na kare toh na kabhi bimaar ho ... ek toh paisa bache doosra badan tayaar ho
If you don't smoke then you will never get sick ... firstly you will save money and secondly you will have a strong body
# 167
Main jaanti hoon tum doli sajake rakhne waalon mein se nahi ho ... goli chalake thokne waalon mein se ho
I know that you are not someone who will come with a decorated palanquin ... instead you are someone who will fire a bullet and kill
# 168
Yahi toh baat mujhe aapki bahut achchi lagti hai ... ki aapko kuch samajh mein hi nahi aata
I love this point of yours a lot ... that you don't understand anything
# 169
Main pehda hi hot hui thi!
I was born hot!
# 170
Seedhe toh aaj kal sadhu nahi chalte ... main toh phir shaitan hoon
Not even the holy men are honest today ... I am atleast a devil
# 171
Yeh car nahi, bekaar hai ... dhikaar hai
This is not a car, it is useless ... it is a waste
# 172
Ek ek paisa gin lena thook laga ke ... yeh ho na ho hum toh traditional kaminey log hai
Count every note with your spit ... he may not be, but we are traditional rascals
# 173
Khet ka ganna teh romantic picture ka hero Rajesh Khanna ... bulaye nahi jaande
Sugarcane from the farms and romantic movies hero Rajesh Khanna ... are never forgotton
# 174
Jahapanah tussi great ho ... tofu kabool karo
My lord you are great ... please accept my offering
# 175
You come come memsaab!
You're welcome madam!
# 176
Naam sunte hi pichwaade mein bhukamp aa gaya na?
Doesn't it feel like an earthquake in your ass listening to the name?
# 177
Kiss ho nahin paati yaar ... kyun ki naak beech me aa jaati hai
Never have been able to kiss ... because the nose comes in between
# 178
Maine bhari mehfil mein sher maara ... toh sherni vidhva ho gayi
I said a poem in a big crowd ... and the tigeress became a widow
# 179
Kaise sign karon yaar ... meri pen toh tu le gayi
How do I sign buddy ... you took my pen
# 180
Maine kausa expect-hich kiya ke mujh jaise pede ko tum jaisi rasmalai milegi
When did I expect that a sugar ball like me will get a dessert like you
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