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# 61
Pehli baar mein sabse zyada mazaa aata hai
It is the most fun when you are doing it for the first time
# 62
Waqt pe shaadi na karo ... toh aadmi bahek hi jaata hai
If you don't get married in time ... then a man gets wandered
# 63
Pehle se andar hain ... aur kitna andar jayenge
We are already inside ... how much more inside can we go
# 64
Jis school mein tune ye sab seekha hai na ... uska headmaster aaj bhi mujhse tuition leta hai
In the school that you have learned all this ... that school's principal takes tuition from me even today
# 65
Bootiyan nochne waala geedar ... gala phadne se sher nahin ban jaata
A jackal who chews bones ... does not become a tiger by shouting
# 66
Yeh haath hai ki hathoda ... keedon ki basti mein kaunsa aa gaya makauda
This is a hand or a hammer ... who is this spider in the colony of bugs
# 67
Tere dil mein soya tha, kyun utha diya ... card kahan se nikla, ke number mila diya
I was sleeping in your heart, why did you wake me up ... where did you get the card from, to dial my number
# 68
Main us tarah ki ladkiyon se is tarah ki baatein nahi karta
I don't talk like this to girls of that kind
# 69
Utamamm dadh-dhadhatt paadham ... madhyam paadham thuchuk thuchuk ... khanishtham thud-thudiya paadham ... sur-suriya pran ghatkam
A loud fart is respectable ... a medium fart is tolerable ... a slight fart is fearful ... a silent fart is unbearable
# 70
Life mein main sirf teen cheezon ka fan hoon ... TV pe Amitji ka crorepati, tennis mein Mahesh Bhupati aur bhagwanon mein mere pyare Ganpati
In life I am only a fan of 3 things ... Amitabh on TV for the serial crorepati, Mahesh Bhupati in tennis and in gods my favourite Ganesha
# 71
Raah chalte buddu banate hai dost ... cold drink bolke daru pilate hai dost ... girlfriend bolke auntyon se milwaate hai dost ... kitne bhi kamine ho, par yaad bahut aate hai dost
Friends make fun of you anytime ... friends make you drink alcohol saying it's a cold drink ... friends make you meet with aunties saying she is their girlfriend ... but no matter how bad they are, you remember them a lot
# 72
Ishq meri sehat ke liye achcha nahi hai
Love is not good for my health
# 73
Main chahti hoon ki tum chaho ki tum na jao
I want that, you should want that, you shouldn't go
# 74
Bhai, apun jhoot nahin bolega ... par tum toh bol sakta hai na
Brother, I won't lie ... but you can
# 75
Jaise ek ghar mein do kitchen nahi hote hai na ... vaise ek ghar mein do brain nahi hone chahiye
Just like in one house you don't have two kitchens ... just like that in one house you shouldn't have two brains
# 76
Aaj ka kaam kal par chhodonga ... toh aaj bura maan jayega
If I leave today's work for tomorrow ... then today will feel bad
# 77
Bahar tumhari aunty bahut saare uncles ko lekar aayi hai
Your aunt has bought a lot of uncles outside
# 78
Tum na gali ki gundi ho!
You are a rowdy girl from the street!
# 79
Jab tak ishq na karo, sab khush rakhti hai ... the problem starts once you fall in love
Until you love them, they all keep you happy ... the problem starts once you fall in love
# 80
Mere seene mein dil nahi dost ... jigar hai jigar ... aur woh kabhi tootta nahi
I don't have a heart in my chest ... I have courage ... and that never breaks
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