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Akshay Kumar

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# 141
Pyar karne ke liye pechaan ki nahi ... dil ki zaroorat hoti hai
You don't need to know someone to fall in love ... you need a heart
# 142
Aap jaisa dost agar sabhi ko mil jaaye ... toh phir taqdeer kabhi bewafaa na ho
If everyone has a friend like you ... then destiny will never be unfaithful
# 143
Saale jahan Amol Palekar banna chahiye ... wahan Shakti Kapoor banjata hai
Bloody where you should become Amol Palekar ... you become Shakti Kapoor
# 144
Khushboo tumhari zulfon ki ab tak basi hai saanson mein ... mehak jaati hai rooh meri jab aati ho tum baahon mein
The fragrance of your hair is still there in my breaths ... my soul picks up the aroma when you come in my arms
# 145
One kiss burns many calories ... want to lose some weight?
One kiss burns many calories ... want to lose some weight?
# 146
Tumhari manzil zameen nahi ... aasman hai
Your destination is not the ground ... it is the sky
# 147
Hamare gehre vishvas ke rishtey mein ... tumne apne dil mein kuch gehre raaz chupaye hai
In our deep relationship of faith ... you have hidden some deep secrets in your heart
# 148
Achchai se hi burai ko maara ja sakta hai ... neki se hi baddi ko mitaya ja sakta hai ... shanti se hi kisi ki mann ki jalan ko hataya ja sakta hai
Only the good can kill the evil ... only the righteous can erase the wicked ... only the calmness can remove the jealousy in ones heart
# 149
Tees din hai tumhare paas ... ek-a-tees ve din mein agar tum is shehar ki hadh mein bhi nazar aaye ... toh duniya ki hadh se bahar nikaal kar phenk doonga
You have 30 days ... if on the 31st day you are seen within the city limits ... then I will throw you out from the limits of the world
# 150
Yeh mera baap hai ... aur main iska paap hoon
This is my father ... and I am his sin
# 151
Jis goli se tu marega uske upar aisa bade mein likha hoinga ... Made in India
The bullet that will kill you will be stamped in bold reading ... Made in India
# 152
Zindagi mein kuch aise rishte ban jaate hai ... jinhe hum samajhte toh hai, lekin samajhna nahi chahte
In life some relations are made ... which we do understand, but we don't want to understand
# 153
Jis din haar jaoonga ... duniya chhod doonga
The day I lose ... I will leave the world
# 154
Aadmi ki shakal achchi na ho na ... toh bhagwan kehta hai baatein achchi karni chahiye
When a person doesn't have a good face ... then god says that he should talk good things
# 155
Saturday yaane ki no thokna thukana ... only gaana bajhana
Saturday means no fighting and all ... only singing and music
# 156
Main har test pass karke dikhaonga ... chahe yeh mera blood test kyun nah lele
I will pass every test ... even if they take my blood test
# 157
Oonchai par pahunch kar hi hum, jeevan ke naye raaston ko dekh paate hai
Only after reaching heights, we are able to see the new paths of life
# 158
Aaj meri paghdi bhi kesari ... joh bahega mera lahu bhi kesari ... aur mera jawab bhi kesari
Today my turban is saffron in colour ... my blood that will shed will also be saffron in colour ... and my response will also be saffron in colour
# 159
Joker jiska hua ... baazi uski
Whoever has the Joker ... wins the game
# 160
Har kutte ka din aata hai ... mera bhi aayega
Every dog has it's day ... mine will also come
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