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Release Year - 2016
# 1
Matlab baazi jeetne se hai ... phir chahe pyada qurbaan ho ya phir rani
Winning is important ... it doesn't matter if you sacrifice your pawn or your queen
# 2
Meri uniform meri aadat hai ... jaise ki saans lena, apne desh ki raksha karna
My uniform is my habit ... just like breathing and protecting my country
# 3
Tune aankhon se joh keh di thi woh baat kaise bhoolunga ... tere sang mein joh guzri thi woh raat kaise bhoolunga
How can I forget what you had said from your eyes ... how can I forget the night that I had spent with you
# 4
Khushboo tumhari zulfon ki ab tak basi hai saanson mein ... mehak jaati hai rooh meri jab aati ho tum baahon mein
The fragrance of your hair is still there in my breaths ... my soul picks up the aroma when you come in my arms
# 5
Mehfil mein jinke aane se roshan huye chirag ... sajde mein unke jhuk gaya khud dekho aftab
When she came into the party the lamps lit up ... look, even the light has bowed down in front of her
# 6
Haathon mein tera haath ho aur safar pe tera saath ho ... aankhon mein dalkar aankhen bin kahe hi saari baat ho
May there be your hand in my hands and your company in my journey ... may we connect our eyes and have conversations without saying anything
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