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Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Aashiqon ne toh aashiqui ke liye Taj Mahal bana diya ... saala hum ek sandas na bana sake
Lovers have built the Taj Mahal for their love ... and I can't even build a single toilet
# 2
Gita mein Shri Krishan ne kahi baat gambhir ... auro se duniya lade, lade swayam se veer
In Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna has said a very important thing ... anyone in the world can fight with others, but the one who fights with himself is a brave person
# 3
Chashme se leke joote tak saare brand nakli videshi hai ... par saala aadmi desi hoon
From my sunglasses to my shoes everything is fake international brand ... but I'm a true Indian man
# 4
Yeh joh aap gareebon ka paisa khaate hai ... usse nikaalte kahan hai
The money that you eat after taking from poor people ... where do you extract that
# 5
Biwi paas chahiye toh ghar mein sandas chahiye
If you want your wife along your side, then you must have a toilet in your house
# 6
If you change nothing, nothing will change
If you change nothing, nothing will change
# 7
Seedhe chalogi ya jump marogi
Do you want to go straight or do you want to jump
# 8
Aspatal mein pade mareez ko aur pyar mein pade aashiq ko, kabhi akela na chhodna chahiye
A sick person in the hospital and a lover fallen in love, should never be left alone
# 9
Kis kis ka dukh manaiye, kis kisko roiye ... Kanhaiya ji ki chaddar hai, mooh dak ke soiye
For what all should we cry and be sad for ... use the blanket of God to cover your face and sleep
# 10
Apni policy hai parayi TV aur parayi biwi on na karo bhaiya ... current lagega
It's my policy to not turn on someone's TV and someone's wife ... or else you'll get a shock
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