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Khiladi 786

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Shaadi byah ke mamle mein ... aate mein namak jitna jhoot chalta hai
When it comes to marriages and weddings ... a small lie to the extent of salt in a dough, is ok
# 2
Duniya mein teen cheezen hoti zaroor hai lekin kisi ne dekhi nahin ... bhooton ka sansar, sacha wala pyar aur Bahattar Singh ki raftaar
In this world there are three things that definitely exists but no one has seen them ... world of ghosts, real love and the speed of Bahattar Singh
# 3
Unki gali mein hum aaye ajeeb ittefaq hai ... phool toh pheka unhone ... magar gamla bhi saath hai
It is a strange coincidence that I came in her lane ... she did throw a flower on me ... but along with the flowerpot
# 4
Oye kake Punjabi na toh chup chap aate hain, na hi chup chap jaate hain
Oh brother Punjabi's don't come quietly, neither do they go quietly
# 5
Awara kutta Mercedes ke peeche bhaag toh sakta hai ... lekin usse chala nahin sakta
A stray dog can run behind a Mercedes ... but he cannot drive it
# 6
Bag uthakar padne gaya toh master ne kaha school chhod de ... bat ball uthakar mohalle mein gaya toh bachchon ne kaha khelna chhod de ... scooter uthakar ghar se bahar gaya toh padosi ne kaha Malad tak chhod de ... aur aaj papa ne kaha ghar hi chhod de
When I took my bag and went to learn, the master said leave the school ... when I took the bat and ball and went to the locality, the kids said leave playing ... when I took my scooter out of my house, the neighbor said leave me till Malad ... today Dad said leave the house
# 7
Main har test pass karke dikhaonga ... chahe yeh mera blood test kyun nah lele
I will pass every test ... even if they take my blood test
# 8
Rishteydari taqat waalo ke saath nahin ... sharafat waalo ke saath ki jati hai
Relationships are not made with people with strength ... it is made with people with honesty
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