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Kabir Bedi

# 1
Chehra wahi chupate hai ... jinhe apni asliyat se sharam aati hai
Only those hide their face ... who are ashamed of their reality
# 2
Fasla kitna bhi lamba ho ... shuruvat ek kadam se hoti hai
No matter how big the distance is ... the start always happens with a step
# 3
Log jahan par soochna band kar dete hai ... main wahan se soochna shuru karta hoon
Where people stop thinking ... I start thinking from there
# 4
Ladki ka model ho ya gadi ka ... waqt ke saath saath dono purani ho jaati hai
Whether it is a model of a girl or a car ... with time both get old
# 5
Dil gaya toh gaya hosh bhi udh gaye, ek naya inquilaab aane ko hai ... apni kafir nighaon ko roko zara, mera imaan dagmagane ko hai
I have lost my senses along with my heart, there is a new revolution about to come ... stop looking with your beautiful eyes, my honesty is about to wobble
# 6
Purani yaadon ke nishan dil ki deewar se aasani se nahi mitte
The marks from old memories don't get erased easily from the walls of the heart
# 7
Shahenshah hokar bhi tu shahenshah nahi ... insaan hokar bhi tu insaan nahi
Being a king you're still not a king ... being a human you're still not a human
# 8
Joh apne upar yakeen nahi karte ... log unpar yakeen nahi karte
Those who do not believe in themselves ... people do not believe in them
# 9
Ishq ke saamne zamane waale haarte aaye hai
People of the world have kept losing in front of love
# 10
Aurat ki mitti mein pani kam ... jalan zyada hoti hai
The mud of a woman has less water ... and more of burn
# 11
Race mein daudte waqt khiladi ke paon jitni tezzi se uthte aur girte hai ... utni hi tezzi se naachte waqt kisi tawaif ke paon uthte aur girte hai ... speed barabar hoti hai, par khiladi apni race jeet leta hai ... aur tawaif naachte naachte ek hi jagah par apna dum todh deti hai
The speed at which an athlete's legs go up and down while running ... is the same speed at which a prostitute's legs go up and down while dancing ... their speeds are the same, but the athlete wins his race ... and the prostitute dies dancing in that same place
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