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Release Year - 2014
# 1
Mujhe tumse tumhari cash value ke liye nahi tumhari apni value ke liye shaadi karni hai ... tumhari friendship ki value, tumhari beauty ki value, tumhari hassi ki value
I want to marry you not for your cash value, but for your own value ... for the value of your friendship, for the value of your beauty, for the value of your laughter
# 2
Maine kausa expect-hich kiya ke mujh jaise pede ko tum jaisi rasmalai milegi
When did I expect that a sugar ball like me will get a dessert like you
# 3
Chaand chahoon na chakora, na falak ka tukda ... noor chahoon na main hoori, na pari sa mukhda
I don't want the moon or the birds, and neither do I want a piece of the sky ... I don't want the divine light or the beauty from paradise, and neither do I want a face like fairy
# 4
Body ka kya hai ... aaj dubli kal moti ... thinking mein-hich honi chahiye na beauty
What is it about the body ... today it's slim tomorrow it'll be fat ... but there should be beauty in the thought itself
# 5
Hamari country mein jab tak black nahi diya toh naya ghar nahi khareed sakte ... dahej nahi diya toh shaadi nahi hoti
In our country until you give black money you can't buy a new house ... and if you don't give dowry then a marriage can't happen
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