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Anupam Kher

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# 21
Yeh khoon bhi saali badi ajeeb cheez hai ... apne nikle toh dard hota hai ... lekin doosre ke nikle toh mazaa aata hai
Blood is a very strange thing ... it pains when we are bleeding ... but if someone else is bleeding then it is fun
# 22
Agar kisi ladke ko film dekhni hai toh sirf ladki ke saath dekhni chahiye ... nahi toh film ki insult hai, theater ki insult hai aur theater mein dekhne waali sari audience ki insult hai
If a boy has to see a film then he must see it with a girl only ... otherwise it is an insult of the film, insult of the theater and insult of the entire audience in the theater
# 23
Door se dekha toh Alia Bhatt ... paas aakar dekha toh Mahesh Bhatt
When I saw from a distance it seemed like Alia Bhatt ... but when I went closer it turned out to be Mahesh Bhatt
# 24
Gita mein Shri Krishan ne kahi baat gambhir ... auro se duniya lade, lade swayam se veer
In Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna has said a very important thing ... anyone in the world can fight with others, but the one who fights with himself is a brave person
# 25
Aapka koi apna chala jaye ... toh zindagi badi choti lagne lagti hai
When we lose a dear one ... then life starts to look very small
# 26
Main is kisam ki ladkiyon ko badi achchi tarah jaanta hoon ... baap decide karta hai ki kaunse school mein jaana hai ... maa decide karti hai ki kitni chotiyaan bandhni hai ... aur poori family decide karti hai ki kis ladke se shaadi karni hai
I know the girls of this type very well ... the father decides which school she will go to ... the mother decides how many plaits have to be tied ... and the entire family decides which guy will she marry
# 27
Insaan duniya ka sabse ghatiya janwar hai
The human is the worst animal of the world
# 28
Jinhe ulfat ki khushiyan mil sake woh shaunk se lele ... hum mein chhodo hum toh apni kismat aazma behte
Those who can get the happiness of love, get it ... but leave me alone since I have tried my luck
# 29
Udaan pankhon se hoti na toh mor sabse ooncha udhta ... udaan hoti hai hausalon se
If wings were used to fly then a peacock would have flown the highest ... flight happens with ambitions
# 30
Sachche aasunyon mein bahut taqat hoti hai
Real tears have a lot of strength in them
# 31
Agar upar waale ne maut likhi hai toh zindagi kuch nahi kar sakti ... aur agar zindagi likhi hai toh maut kuch nahi kar sakti
If god has written death then life can't do anything ... and if he has written life then death can't do anything
# 32
Pyar mein dil ki baat dil mein nahi rakhni chahiye ... keh zaroor deni chahiye
In love you shouldn't keep what's in your heart in the heart ... you should definitely say it out
# 33
Joh thappad dikhayi nahi deta ... woh zyada gehri chot karta hai
A slap that cannot be seen ... causes a more deeper wound
# 34
Main awaara aur badmaash bardaasht kar sakta hoon ... lekin gaddar kabhi nahi
I can tolerate a tramp and a naughty person ... but not a traitor
# 35
SMS generation ... char liney zyada kya bol di lecture lagne lagta hai
SMS generation ... it looks like a lecture if you say more than four lines
# 36
Hamari zindagi hamari hokar bhi hamari nahi hoti ... woh marte dum tak kisi doosre ki marzi ke mutabik chalti hai
Our life being ours is still not ours ... it moves as per the decisions of others until you die
# 37
For your naughtiness ... I will eat a papad and you will get a jhapad
For your naughtiness ... I will eat a papadum and you will get a slap
# 38
Joh aadmi taqat se nahi harta ... woh emotion se harta hai
A person who cannot lose on strength ... loses on emotion
# 39
Shehar mein shanti aur nagriko ki hifasat karna mera farz hai ... yahi meri duty aur yahi mujhpar meri vardi ka karz hai
It is my job to maintain peace in the city and to protect the people ... this is my duty and this is the loan on me from my uniform
# 40
If you change nothing, nothing will change
If you change nothing, nothing will change
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