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Release Year - 1985
# 1
Main zindagi se nahi ... apne aap se naraaz hoon
Not with life ... I am displeased with myself
# 2
Main tumhare accountant ka beta hoon ... aur yeh pitai tumhare account mein bahut dino se likhi thi
I am a son of your accountant ... and this beating was written in your account since days
# 3
Chalo utho ... abhi tumhe bahut pitna hai
Come on get up ... you still have to be thrashed a lot
# 4
Main us Mahabharat ka Arjun hoon ... jis Mahabharat ke Duryodhan aap hai
I am the Arjun of that Mahabharat ... in which you are the Duryodhan
# 5
Heere ko apni keemat ka khud andaza nahi hota hai ... uski keemat yah toh johari jaanta hai, yah phir badshah
A diamond does not have a sense of its own value ... its value is either known by a jeweler, or a king
# 6
Aap sab apni dabi hui, kuchli hui, zillat bhari zindagi ka bojh utha sakte hai ... magar zulm ke khilaaf awaaz uthane ko tayaar nahi
You all can lift the weight of your suppressed, crushed, humiliated life ... but you are not ready for raising your voice against injustice
# 7
Arjun jab chidiye ki aankh ka nishana lagata hai ... toh usse chidiye ki aankh ke siva kuch dikhayi nahi deta
When Arjun aims at the eye of a bird ... then he can't see anything else other than the birds eye
# 8
Agar zulm karna paap hai ... toh zulm sehna bhi paap hai
If it is evil to do injustice ... then it is also evil to endure the injustice
# 9
Woh log kamzor hote hai jinhe zindagi jahan chahti hai wahan le jati hai
The people whose life takes them where it wants are weak
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