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Dilwale (1994)

Release Year - 1994
# 1
Hum mein toh apno ne loota, gairon mein kahan dum tha ... meri kishti thi doobi wahan, jahan pani kam tha
My own people robbed me, others did not have the courage ... my boat drowned in a place, where the water was less
# 2
Yeh desh sirf do hi logon pe hasta hai ... hijhron par aur hum policewaalon par ... kyun ki nah hi woh kuch kar sakte hai, aur nah hi hum kuch kar sakte hai
This country only laughs on two people ... on eunuchs and on policemen like us ... because neither they can do anything, and neither can we do anything
# 3
Dilwale toh bahut dekhe, lekin pyar mein joh pagal ho jaye ... aise dilwale ko aaj pehli baar dekha
I have seen many hearty people, but someone who will go mad in love ... that hearty person I am seeing for the first time
# 4
Yeh aankhen, yeh chehra, yeh noor ... insaan ho ya pari ho tum
These eyes, this face, this beauty ... are you a human or a fairy
# 5
Hum Hindustani policewaale jahanum tak us shaksh ka peecha nahi chhodte ... joh is vardi ki beizzati karta hai
We Indian policemen follow a person all the way to hell ... who humiliates this uniform
# 6
Mujhe aaina na dikhao, ismein koi pagal nazar aata hai ... yeh main nahin, ismein sara jahan nazar aata hai
Don't show me the mirror, I see some mad person in it ... it's not me, I see the whole world in it
# 7
Pyar toh usne kiya, humne to bas dillagi ki
He fell in love, I just did pleasantry
# 8
Mohabbat mere dost, aag bhi lagati hai un dilon ko ... jin mein mohabbat ke chirag jalte hai
Love my friend, puts fire in those hearts ... in which the lamps of love light
# 9
Yeh duniya hum mein milne nahi degi ... lekin main bhi ab is duniya ko jeene nahi doonga
This world will not let us meet ... but even I won't let this world live
# 10
Main bahar dhamki dekar aaya hoon ki joh aadmi pehle andar aayega ... main uski taange todh doonga
I have given a warning outside that the person who comes in first ... I will break his legs
# 11
Amir toh duniya mein nafrat hi faylata hai ... par gareeb pyar laata hai
The rich spread hatred in the world ... but the poor bring love
# 12
Uska toh main aisa hashar karoonga ... ki sunne waalo ki rooh kaanp uthegi
I will treat him in such a way ... that the soul of the people who hear about it will tremble
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