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Juhi Chawla

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# 1
Milan ke bina love story poori nahi hoti ... par joh poori nahi hoti, kya woh love story nahi hoti?
Without union a love story is not complete ... but the ones that aren't complete, aren't those love stories?
# 2
Mere kuch sapne the, apne sapne the ... par tumse milne ke baad ... tumhare khwab mere khwab ban gaye ... tumhari zindagi meri zindagi ban gayi
I had some dreams, my own dreams ... but after meeting you ... your dreams became my dreams ... your life became my life
# 3
Woh dil hi kya joh dhadke na ... woh chunni ki kya joh sarke na ... woh soorma ki kya joh rarke na ... te woh yaar hi kya joh yaar ke liye tadpe na
What good is a heart that doesn't beat ... what good is a scarf that doesn't slide ... what good is a warrior that doesn't have any honor ... and what good is a friend who doesn't suffer for a friend
# 4
Kuch te aankhan di pardedaari rakh, chahe pyar tu udhaar hi rakh ... phone toh tu karda nahi hai, meri jaan missed callan de maari rakh
Keep some curtains on the eyes, and you may keep love as a balance ... you never give me a phone call, my love atleast give me missed calls
# 5
Ek hi waqt har insaan ke liye alag hota hai ... kisi ke liye achcha hota hai, toh kisi ke liye burra hota hai
A moment in time is different for everyone ... it is good for someone, and it is bad for someone
# 6
Agar hum kisi ke liye deewane ho gaye ... toh yeh koi zaroori toh nahi ... ke woh bhi humare liye deewana ho jaye
If I go crazy for someone ... then it is not necessary that ... that person should also go crazy for me
# 7
Khichdi ke hai dost char ... dahi, papad, mirchi, aachar
Porridge has four friends ... curd, papadum, pepper, pickle
# 8
Politics mein har kaam prem aur shanti se kiya jaata hai
In politics all work is done with love and peace
# 9
Hamare bandhan ke samne maine maatha teka hai ... ghutne nahi teke hai
I have bowed my head in front of our bond ... not my knees
# 10
Kya mazaa baar baar milta hai tumhe humse rooth jaane mein ... roothne mein lagti hai do ghadiyan, umar kat jayegi manane mein
What fun do you get in being upset with me ... it only takes 2 seconds to be upset, but it'll take a whole life in trying to cheer up
# 11
Zindagi kismat aur timing ka khel hai bas
Life is nothing but a game of destiny and timing
# 12
Jab tum mere paas nahi hote toh mera dil nahi lagta ... aur jab pass hote ho toh mera jee nahi bharta
When you aren't near me then I feel lonely ... and when you are near me then I don't get satisfied
# 13
Tumhari zabaan chahe joh kahe ... main tumhari aankhen padh sakti hoon
Whatever your words may say ... I can read your eyes
# 14
Jahan chanda hoga wahan chakori hogi ... jahan thali hogi wahan katori hogi ... aur jahan tu hoga wahan main hongi
Where there is moon there will be a bird ... where there is a plate there will be a bowl ... and where you're there, I'll be there
# 15
Hum hai dui-dhari talwar ... aaisan karenge vaar ... zindagi kar denge tohri bekaar
I'm a two sided sword ... and I'll attack you in such a way ... that your life will become useless
# 16
Chappad phad ke de sakti hoon ... aur chappal phad ke bhi
I can give you beyond limits ... and I can hit you with my slippers to
# 17
Do kamzoor insaan ek kamyaab zindagi nahin bana sakte
Two weak people cannot make a successful life
# 18
Woh shaadi karke chali jayegi ... saath mein tumhari kismat bhi dhal jayegi
She will get married and leave ... and with that your fate will also set
# 19
Kabhi kabhi bachcho ko samjhane ke liye khud bachcha banna padta hai
Sometimes you have to become a kid to make kids understand
# 20
Chale jao wahan, jahan le jaye naseeb ... pehle milaya tha, phir le aayega kareeb
Go where your destiny takes you ... first it made you guys meet, and now it will get you closer
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