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Gulaab Gang

Release Year - 2014
# 1
Jaise til mein tel hai, jyon chakmak mein aag ... tera Sai tujh mein hai, tu jaag sake toh jaag
Like oil in sesame, and fire in flint stone ... your God is within you, realize that if you can
# 2
Danda sabka peer hota hai ... rod is god
The stick is everyone's saint ... rod is god
# 3
Neeche waali jab leti hai na ... toh patloon phad ke leti hai
When the girl on the ground gets angry ... then she will rip your pants off
# 4
Jurm jurm hota hai ... aur insaaf insaaf hota hai
A crime is a crime ... and justice is justice
# 5
Sangathan ki shakti hai ... aur akele mein aapki phatti hai
In coalition you have the power ... and you are scared when you are alone
# 6
Politics mein har kaam prem aur shanti se kiya jaata hai
In politics all work is done with love and peace
# 7
Zindagi kismat aur timing ka khel hai bas
Life is nothing but a game of destiny and timing
# 8
Chappad phad ke de sakti hoon ... aur chappal phad ke bhi
I can give you beyond limits ... and I can hit you with my slippers to
# 9
Dhoonde ankhiyan, dhoonde dariya, dhoonde sara gaon ... sabse pehle dekh re moorakh, ka padhe ho tero paon
The eyes are searching, the sea is searching, the whole village is searching ... you fool, first look where are you stepping your foot on
# 10
Neem ke paan kadve hai ... Pavan Babu bhadave hai
The leaves of the Neem tree are bitter ... Pavan Babu is a pimp
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