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# 1
Prem ki aag dono taraf lagi ho toh jalti rehti hai ... varna bhuj jaati hai
The fire of love burns only if it's on both sides ... or else it extinguishes
# 2
Aaj unke kadam is taraf kya aaye ... lagta hai fiza mein bahaar aa gayi
Today he stepped towards me ... it seems as if spring is in the air
# 3
Tawaif ki zindagi kothe pe shuru hoti hai ... aur kabristan mein khatam hoti hai
The life of a prostitute starts in a brothel ... and ends in a graveyard
# 4
Tu mujhe chahe na chahe yeh tere bas mein toh hai ... aur main tujhko na chahun yeh mere bas mein nahi
To love me or not is in your control ... but for me not to love you is beyond my control
# 5
Badhe bachon jaise baatein tab karte hai ... jab bache badhon jaise kaam karte hai
Elders talks like kids when ... kids work like elders
# 6
Jab bhi hamari kismat hum mein muskurata hua dekhti hai ... toh usse jalan hone lagti hai
Whenever my destiny looks at me laughing ... then it gets jealous
# 7
Maa apni kokh se bachche janam toh de sakti hai ... lekin usse apna naam nahi de sakti ... baap ke naam ki mohar chahiye hoti hai usse zindagi ki har kadam pe
A mother can give birth to a child from her womb ... but she cannot give him her name ... a father's name stamp is needed by him on every step of life
# 8
Yakeen aaye na aaye tumko lekin yeh haqeeqat hai ... mile ho jabse tum mujhko yeh duniya khoobsurat hai
Whether you believe it or not, it's the reality ... since I've met you, this world looks beautiful to me
# 9
Tune Maryam ka daaman aur Sita ki gaud dekhi hai ... Durga aur Kali roop nahi dekha
You have seen Maryam's hem and Sita's lap ... you have not seen the guise of Durga and Kali
# 10
Kabhi kabhi ek jhoot bhi insaan ko tabaah kar sakta hai ... aur kabhi ek sach bhi
Sometimes even one lie can destroy a person ... and sometimes even one truth
# 11
Taqdeer hi ki baat hai ... kuch logon ko umeed nahi hoti aur unhe khoya hua pyar mil jaata hai ... kuch log umeed lagaye behte hote hai aur unhe pyar milne se pehle hi kho jaata hai
Destiny is such that ... some people don't have hopes but they regain their lost love ... and some people have hopes but they lose their love even before they get it
# 12
Kitne toofan uthaye aankhon ne, naav yaadon ki doobti hi nahi ... tujhse milne ki, tujhko paane ki koi tatbir soojti hi nahi
So many storms have these eyes have seen, but the boat of memories does not drown ... and I can't get any idea to meet you, to achieve you
# 13
Pati toh sabhi ko mil sakta hai ... lekin achcha insaan kisi kisiko milta hai
Everyone finds a husband ... but only a few find a good person
# 14
Joh jitna door ho ... utna hi paas rehta hai
The more distant a person is ... that much more closer that person is
# 15
Duniya har nayi baat ko pehle thukrati hai ... baad mein maan leti hai
In the beginning the world ignores every new thing ... and then later it agrees to it
# 16
Ab aap samne hai toh kuch bhi nahi hai yaad ... varna kuch aapse hum mein kehna zaroor tha
No that you are in front of me I don't remember anything ... otherwise I wanted to say something to you
# 17
Insaan joh nahi hai wohi dikhane ka dhong karta hai ... joh shareef nahi hai woh sharafat ka dhong karta hai ... buzdil bahadur hone ka dhong karta hai ... dil mein lalach hota hai aur zabaan se mohabbat ka dhong karta hai ... aur kabhi dil mein mohabbat hoti hai toh zabaan se anjaanepan ka dhong karta hai
A human tries to pretend what he is not ... one who is not honest pretends to be honest ... a coward pretends to be a brave person ... a person who has greed in his heart pretends to have love in his words ... and sometimes you have love in your heart but you pretend to be strangers
# 18
Kabhi kabhi sainkro saal ek pal ke aage haar jaate hain
Sometimes many many years lose in front of one moment
# 19
Teri kismat mein toh ab sirf maut ki baahein likhi hai
Only the arms of death are now written in your destiny
# 20
Woh aadmi jis raaste se chalta hai ... usse saanp bhi chhodkar hat jaata hai
Whatever path that man walks on ... seeing him even the snake changes it route
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