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Harman Baweja

# 1
Gandhi bola hinsa nahi karneka ... koi manaa? ... pistol dikhake bolta na, saale sab maan jaate
Gandhi said not to do any violence ... did anyone listen? ... had he said that with a gun, bloody everyone would have listened
# 2
Dhanda goli se nahi dimaag se chalta hai ... aur mera dimaag toh bachpan se hi bahut kharab hai
A business runs with a mind, not with a bullet ... and my mind is very bad since childhood
# 3
Tum zara si kam khoobsurat hoti ... toh bhi bahut khoobsurat hoti
If you were just a little bit less beautiful ... then to you would have been very beautiful
# 4
Logon ki aadhi zindagi yeh soochne mein guzar jaati hai ki woh is duniya mein karne kya aaye hai ... aur aadhi us kaam mein joh woh karna nahi chahte
People spend half their life in thinking what have they come on this earth to do ... and half in doing the work that they don't want to do
# 5
Haath todh deta, paon todh deta ... dil nahi todna chahiye tha
You could have broken my hand, you could have broken my leg ... but you shouldn't have broken my heart
# 6
Kismat se thoda sa waqt ... aur waqt se thodi si kismat churane aaya hoon
I have come to steal some time from destiny ... and some destiny from time
# 7
Sacha pyar sabse bada hota hai ... waqt se bhi aur kismat se bhi
True love is bigger than everything ... bigger than time and bigger than destiny also
# 8
Duniya mein koi maane na maane ke pyar hota hai ... lekin pyar karne waale har janam mein milte hai
No matter if anyone believes in the existence of love or not ... lover's still meet in every life
# 9
I don't need luck ... I have love
I don't need luck ... I have love
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