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Release Year - 1978
# 1
Main paanch lakh ka sauda karne aaya hoon ... aur meri jeb mein paanch phooti kaudiyaan bhi nahin hai
I have come to make a deal of 5 lakhs ... and I don't even have 5 pennies in my pocket
# 2
Mujhse paanch minute na milkar ... aapne apna paanch lakh ka nuksaan kiya hai
By not meeting with me for 5 minutes ... you have incurred a loss of 5 lakhs
# 3
Mere zakhm jaldi nahin bharte
My wounds don't heal fast
# 4
Jisne pachees baras apni maa ko har roz thoda thoda marte dekha ho ... usse maut se kya darr lagega
One who has seen his mother die little little everyday for 25 years ... what will death scare him
# 5
Imaandaro ke saath imaandari ... baimaano ke saath baimaani
Honesty with the honest ... cheating with the cheaters
# 6
Mere paas apne baap dada ki daulat ki nahi ek pai hai, aur nahi mujhe chahiye ... mere paas agar kuch hai toh apni maa ka diya hua aashirwaad
I haven't inherited a penny from my father or grandfather, and neither do I want it ... if I have anything, then that is the blessing from my mother
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