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Release Year - 1952
# 1
Duniya mein asli shanti kisi ke sache pyar mein hi mil sakti hai ... uske bagair duniya jise shanti kehti hai, woh shanti ek thakan hai ... shakast ya maut ka doosra naam hai
In this world true peace can only be found by falling in love with someone ... without that what the world calls peace, that peace is tiredness ... which is the other name for defeat or death
# 2
Zindagi aur waqt ka dariya aaisa hai ... aadmi ek baar usse laang jaye toh phir kabhi vapas nahi aa sakta
The sea of life and time is such that ... once a person crosses it then he can never come back
# 3
Main kisi se nahi darta ... main zindagi se nahi darta, maut se nahi darta, andheron se nahi darta ... darta hoon toh sirf khoobsurati se
I'm not scared of anyone ... I'm not scared of life, I'm not scared of death, I'm not scared of darkness ... if I'm scared, then I'm only scared of beauty
# 4
Din ke waqt toh phool achche lagte hi hai ... magar chandni mein dekhiye toh yun lagta hai ... jaise nanne nanne shokh farishtey door ke dariya mein tairte phir rahe ho
Flowers do look good during the day ... but when you see them in the moonlight then it feels like ... small lively angels are swimming in a distant river
# 5
Jab dil se dil ki shaadi hoti hai na ... toh us mein na baraatiyon ki zaroorat hoti hai na kisi aur cheez ki ... us mein tamannao ki baraat nikalti hai aur khushiyon ki
When a heart gets married to a heart ... then in that you don't need guests nor anything else ... in that there is a wedding procession of wishes and happiness
# 6
Jab kashti jawani ke kinare par aa jaye ... toh wahan aadmi nayi awaazon se pyar karne lag jaata hai ... wahan usse shaadi ke baaje sunai dete hai ... phir usse pichle kinare ki awaazon ka khayal nahi karna chahiye
When a boat reaches the shores of youth ... then over there a person starts to fall in love with new voices ... over there he hears the wedding bells ... and then he should not think about the voices of the previous shores
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