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Main Hoon Na

Release Year - 2004
# 1
Aapko dekhte hi ... main jal bin machali, nritya bin bijli ban jata hoon
When I see you ... I become a fish without water and lightening without dance
# 2
Zindagi nikalti jaati hai aur hum sab pyar ke bina jeena seekh lete hai ... kyun pyar ko mauka nahi dete, kyun apno par vishvas nahi karte
Life keeps going on and we all learn to live without love ... why don't we give love a chance, why don't we trust our own people
# 3
Itni choti hokar teacher ... amazing
A teacher at this small age ... amazing
# 4
Jawani ke din ... kamaal ke hote hai
The days of youth ... are wonderful
# 5
Nafrat bahut soch samajhkar karni chahiye ... kyun ki ek din hum bhi wahi ban jaate hai, jise hum nafrat karte hai
You should hate someone only after careful thinking ... because one day even we become the person, whom we have the hatred for
# 6
Yeh zindagi nafrat ke liye bahut choti hai
This life is very short for hatred
# 7
Itne bade hokar student ... disgusting
A student at this old age ... disgusting
# 8
Chehra wahi chupate hai ... jinhe apni asliyat se sharam aati hai
Only those hide their face ... who are ashamed of their reality
# 9
Bees saalon ke zakhm ... bees dino mein nahi bhare jaate hai
The wounds of 20 years ... cannot be filled in 20 days
# 10
Jab Lucky ko pyar hoga na, toh saare college mein violins bajenge
When Lucky falls in love, then there will violins playing in the entire college
# 11
Main apne dost khud chunti hoon
I myself select my own friends
# 12
Is saal tu paas ho gaya na ... toh main tujhe Cadabury doongi, woh bhi milak ki
If you pass this year ... then I will you a Cadbury (chocolate), and that to a milk one
# 13
Fasla kitna bhi lamba ho ... shuruvat ek kadam se hoti hai
No matter how big the distance is ... the start always happens with a step
# 14
Teen baar lagataar fail hona koi mamuli baat nahi hai ... lekin dosto agar mehnat, lagan aur imaandari se koshish ki jaye toh aap sab is mukaam pe pahunch sakte ho
To fail 3 times consecutively is not a small thing ... but friends if you try with hard work, dedication and honesty then you all can get there
# 15
Thodi tondh honi chahiye ... sukhi aadmi ki nishani hai
One should have a little bit of belly ... it is the sign of a happy man
# 16
Hai hai, taude muscal kitne satong hai nee
Oh my, what strong muscles you have
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