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Rohini Hattangadi

# 1
Insaan bhi pehle janwar tha ... sadiyan lagi usse janwar se insaan banne mein ... lekin tujhe insaan se janwar banne mein zara bhi waqt nahi laga
A human was also an animal before ... it took him ages to turn into a human from an animal ... but it hardly took you time to turn into an animal from a human
# 2
Mujhe malum hota aaisa kalank mere ghar mein pehda hone waala hai ... toh main apne nakhoono se apni kok phad dalti
If I knew that such a disgrace is going to be born in my house ... then I would have torn apart my womb with my nails
# 3
Sirf tere haath hi nahi ... tera shareer, teri aatma, sab maile ho chuke hai
Not only your hands ... even your body, your soul, everything has become dirty
# 4
Sabka sukh chain cheenkar kaise chain se lete hue ho
How comfortably are you lying down after snatching the peace of everyone
# 5
Jinke paas zabaan nahi hoti ... woh aksar aasoonyon se baatein karne lagte hai
Those who can't speak ... they often talk with their tears
# 6
Rajneeti mein dushman ko ya toh doshi banao ... ya toh misaal
In politics you make your enemy guilty ... or an example
# 7
Aankhon se ojhal hone ka dukh toh aadmi sehan kar sakta hai ... kyun ki us mein jeevan ki ek dhara behti rehti hai ... lekin jeevan jab mrityu ka roop dharan kar leta hai ... toh sari ashaon ka anth ho jaata hai
A person can bear the pain of someone disappearing from in front of their eyes ... because a stream of life is flowing in that ... but when life takes up the guise of death ... then all hopes come to an end
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