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Release Year - 1996
# 1
Mard banne ka itna shauk hai ... toh kutto ka sahara lena chhod de
If you so want to be a man ... then stop taking support from dogs
# 2
Darakar logon ko woh jeeta hai ... jiski haddiyon mein pani bhara hota hai
One who lives by scaring people ... has water filled in his bones
# 3
Yeh mazdoor ka haath hai ... loha piglakar uska aakar badal deta hai
This is a hand of a laborer ... it melts iron and changes its shape
# 4
Pinjare mein aakar sher bhi kutta ban jaata hai
Inside a cage even a tiger becomes a dog
# 5
Is ladai mein yah toh hamari poori jeet hogi ... yah poori haar
In this battle we will either win completely ... or lose completely
# 6
Kanoon aur insaaf taqatwar ke ghar ghulam bankar behte hai
Law and justice are sitting as slaves in the house of the powerful people
# 7
Joh gurda rakhta hai ... usse hi jeene ka haq hai
One who has the courage ... only he has the right to live
# 8
Ab saare neta log hawala ke chakkar mein hawalat ke chakkar khayenge
Now all politicians will be imprisoned because of money laundering
# 9
Iski maut soochni padegi!
I will have to plan his death!
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