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Jai Ho

Release Year - 2014
# 1
Ek sachche desh bhakt ko hum fauj se nikaal sakte hai ... lekin uske dil se desh bhakti nahi
We can only remove a true patriot from the army ... but we can't remove the patriotism from his heart
# 2
Aam aadmi sota hua sher hai ... ungli mat kar ... jaag gaya toh cheer phaad dega
A common man is a sleeping lion ... don't disturb him ... because if he wakes up then he will destroy everything
# 3
Aap thank you mat kahiye ... instead teen logon ki madad ki jiye aap ... aur un teeno se kehna ki woh teen aur ki madad karen ... duniya badal jayegi
Don't say thank you ... instead you help three people ... and ask those three people to help three others ... the world will change
# 4
Mere parivar se ulajhne se pehle mere baare mein jaan lete ... toh achcha hota
It would have been better ... if you would have learnt about me, before you clashed with family
# 5
Agar koi bhi kuttagiri ki na ... toh mere bhai tujhe kutta bana ke chhodega
If you do anything to trouble me ... then my brother will turn you into a dog
# 6
One man can make a difference!
One man can make a difference!
# 7
Aaise logon ki maut unka sarr kaatne se nahi ... balki sarr jhukane se hoti hai
People like him don't die by beheading ... they die when their head bows down
# 8
Army mein rehkar ya politician bankar hi desh ki seva ki jaye ... yeh zaroori nahi hai
It is not necessary that ... you can only serve the country by being in the army or by becoming a politician
# 9
Zindagi mein agar tarakki karni hai toh no entry aur signal ke baad khade rehna seekho ... pehle khade rahoge toh sirf haath malte rahoge
If you want to be successful in life then stand behind the signal or the no entry sign ... if you stand before that, then you will get nothing
# 10
Burai ek zehar ki tarah hoti hai, joh bahut jaldi phail jaati hai ... aur achchai dawa ki tarah, joh waqt toh leti hai lekin asar zaroor karti hai
Evilness is like poison, it spreads very fast ... and goodness is like medicine, it takes time but it definitely works
# 11
Apna kaam banta ... bhaad mein jaaye janta
When our work is getting done ... then don't care for the others
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