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36 China Town

Release Year - 2006
# 1
Ramchandra keh gaye Natwar se aaisa kalyug aayega ... dance bar mein raas rachega, casino mein lut jayega
Lord Ram said to Natwar that such an age of vice will come ... where you'll dance in the dance bar, and you'll lose in the casino
# 2
Jua mein jeetne ka koi formula nahi hota ... haan nahi harne ka ek formula hai ... (kya) ... jua mat khelo
There is no formula to win in gambling ... but yes there is a formula for not losing ... (what) ... don't gamble
# 3
Partnership sirf profit mein hi nahi ... loss mein bhi hoti hai
A partnership happens not only in profit ... but in loss also
# 4
Tumhare daddy drug dealer hai na? ... varna aaisi nasheeli cheez aur kaun bana sakta hai ... tumhe dekhte hi nasha chad gaya
Your dad is a drug dealer right? ... or else who can produce such a highly intoxicating thing ... I am intoxicated by looking at you
# 5
Lady luck se badkar koi luck nahi hota
There is no luck bigger than lady luck
# 6
Aapke daddy terrorist hai? ... varna aaisa sex bomb aur kaun bana sakta hai
Is your dad a terrorist? ... or else who can produce such a sex bomb
# 7
Bhikhari kitna bhi amir ho jaye, bheek maanga nahi chhodta ... vaise juari kitna bhi gareeb ho jaye, jua khelna nahi chhodta
No matter how rich a beggar gets, he still doesn't let go begging ... just like that no matter how poor a gambler gets, he still doesn't let go gambling
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